DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV Show Casts First Purge Star As Cyborg

DC Doom Patrol Cyborg Joivan Wade

A new Cyborg has been cast as Jovian Wade, the star of The First Purge, joins DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV show as Victor Stone aka. Cyborg. Ray Fisher is still Victor Stone in the DC movie franchise, but a new actor has been chosen to take on DC's premiere African-American hero on the small screen.

Doom Patrol is one of several TV series that Warner Bros. has in development for its upcoming streaming platform, DC Universe. Doom Patrol will be a direct spinoff of Titans and set in the same universe. Cyborg is typically a member of the Titans in the comics but in the world of DC Universe's programming he'll have more of a connection to the Doom Patrol.

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Warner Bros. announced Wade's casting themselves with a rather lengthy character description. A series regular, Doom Patrol's Cyborg is described as a "charming and sarcastic half-human, half-machine superhero." Similar to Justice League's Cyborg this version will struggle to connect to humanity. Unlike the movie Cyborg though, Doom Patrol is giving Cyborg a position of power. Victor Stone is the real leader of Doom Patrol. DC Universe's Doom Patrol will have the classic team line-up from the comics with characters such as Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. The cantankerous and wheelchair-bound Dr. Niles Caulder (who might be played by Kelsey Grammer) will be the official head of the patrol, but the hero that gathers the Doom Patrol together is Cyborg.

This is a brand new interpretation for Cyborg. Victor Stone was created as a side character for The New Teen Titans in 1980. He's since grown in popularity, eventually becoming a founding member of the Justice League. Cyborg has never had much of a connection, in the comics anyway, to the Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol does predate Cyborg by several decades, but they're also much more obscure. There's been very few reasons for them to interact. However, the association does make a lot of thematic sense. Like Cyborg, most of the Doom Patrol have gained their superpowers through accident or tragic circumstances. Cyborg would be a natural role model for many of the Doom Patrol's misfits.

The intriguing aspect of this news is what it means for the DC Universe streaming platform at large. Obviously Cyborg won't be apart of Titans season 1 as that show has finished filming. There's still a possibility that Cyborg was a member of the Teen Titans before the series began and/or he could become a Titan in a potential season 2. Although if Cyborg has the superhero clout to organize the Doom Patrol for a mission that does make it seem like he's a member of the Justice League.

Wade's casting also confirms that Doom Patrol and Titans take place in an entirely different universe than the unofficially titled DCEU. Doom Patrol and Titans are yet another example of DC branching out and creating as many different properties as possible.

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Doom Patrol does not yet have a premiere date.

Source: Warner Bros.

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