25 Characters The DCEU Wants Fans To Forget About

No sugar-coating here: the DC extended universe is a disappointment, so far. Now, that critique is not without its limits. The creators over at DC are capable of turning the ship around. The writers and directors are beginning to come around to an alternative way to succeeding. It seems their films are no longer merely playing cookie cutter catch up to Marvel. The whole film wing of the corporation appears to be trending towards the reset button.

Without a reset button, the writers need to deal with the cards already dealt to them. That fact means some of the best characters in the universe have been used, and some of their appearances fell flat. It stinks. The idea that some of the silver screen debuts for fan favorites went wasted due to weak corporate planning. The DCEU likely prefers if fans forgot some of those appearances.

So, just which characters do the DCEU want you to forget? Well, luckily Screen Rant is here to help sort that out. This list is all about those characters, who have appeared in a DC universe film, that the DCEU wants a do-over on. No role is safe. From the low screen time characters to the titular characters, DCEU needs the reset button all over the place. By “forgetting a character” this list only means that the creators would rather the characters involvement be fixed or changed in some way. This rule implies no entry is suggesting the character is better off entirely not existing.

Here are 25 Characters The DCEU Wants Fans To Forget About.

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25 Silas Stone

Cyborg is a flexible character. His involvement in the Justice League worked well, but his backstory felt rushed. Now, it is true, the film lacked time to flesh the character out.

If that is the case, then the character needed more mystery, rather than a rushed introduction. That idea means forgetting Silas Stone entirely. Then, the creators would explore the relationship between Cyborg and his father in a later film. The DCEU prefers to build arcs now and take their time to develop characters. Having fans forget Silas Stone gives them that chance.

24 Anatoli Knyazev

Anatoli Knyazev aka KGBeast in Batman v Superman

KGBeast deserved better. Only the hardcore fans even noticed this character's inclusion in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Anatoli Knyazev (say that five times fast) is one of Lex Luthor ’s bodyguards in the film.

The mercenary deserves more of a role. Knyazev is a Russian machine. He could easily be the villain in a multitude of films. Instead, he gets to play bodyguard to a spoiled Zuckerberg impressionist. It’s a safe bet that the DCEU is wishing they had held on to the character for further down the line.

23 General Zod

Entries like this will show up a lot on the list. This entry is called “save the villain.” A massive problem in the DCEU is the fact the writers took big name villains and front-loaded them. No dastardly deviant was given the space to feel threatening.

General Zod is a perfect example of this concept. Not only to the DCEU waste time in the first film setting up his storyline but they also immediately burned off his threat by ending him. The sacrifice is meant to help develop Superman, but fans know how that went (hint: not well).

22 Doctor Poison

Dr. Isabel “Doctor Poison” Maru is actually used well in Wonder Woman. The problem lies more in the revealing of her identity. Doctor Poison is not the most intimidating villain, but her abilities can create a lot of damage.

DCEU needs threatening villains shrouded in mystery. The universe needs background players who move from chief villain to chief villain while helping create chaos. By saving Doctor Poison’s identity, the DCEU then puts themselves in a more advantageous position for future Wonder Woman films.

21 Joe Chill

So, mainstream audiences got tired of seeing Uncle Ben pass over and over again in Spider-Man films. Marvel heard this complaint and changed pace. The decision led to a successful version of the web-slinger.

The same would happen if the DCEU took that same advance about Bruce Wayne’s parents and Joe Chill. Viewers know Batman now; they do not need to see Joe Chill mugging the Waynes over and over again. In hindsight, the inclusion of the character needed to be saved for a later time as Batman continued to grow in the films.

20 Mera

Mera is an incredible character. She packs a significant punch and holds her own in a fight without Aquaman by her side. It is a shame that fans first introduction to the character seemed to sum her up as Arthur Curry’s wife.

Aquaman is working to alleviate that damage. Still, if the DCEU could make fans forget about her first appearance, the work would not need to be done. Mera is becoming the character she is supposed to be, and it's a clear sign of life for the DCEU. However, the work that the creators are doing now shows the need for the reset button, too.

19 Rick Flag

Suicide Squad Rick Flag actor Joel Kinnaman

This list could be entirely Suicide Squad characters. Not many of these characters got justice. One of the biggest grievances lies in Rick Flag’s treatment.

Flag is treated as an exposition puppet. He lacks the real talent to hang with the suicide squad, and his only purpose is to explain the characters and plot points to the audience. The DCEU wasted a master tactician capable of holding his own in a firefight. Flag is a role more than worthy of a do-over so fans can appreciate the skills he brings to the table.

18 Ken Braverman

Conduit Man of Steel

So seeing villains as kids makes them less intimidating if it is done wrong. There are exceptions to that rule, but Ken Braverman/Conduit is not the exception.

Just like Anakin Skywalker seemed less scary as Darth Vader once fans saw him as a child, Braverman looks like nothing but a high school bully now. Conduit is potentially a long-term play villain that DCEU can bring out at any point, but Braverman’s debut is too subtle. Fans are better off forgetting Braverman’s introduction. If the viewers forget it, then Braverman can become the threat he is meant to be later in the universe’s arc.

17 June Moone/Enchantress

Hey, look, more Suicide Squad (this will be a reoccurring theme). Dr. June Moon works as a villain. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dynamic between her and Enchantress are compelling. However, their backstory is not handled all that well in the film.

In fact, director David Ayer revealed on Twitter that Enchantress is supposed to turn heel due to the Mother Box controlling her. This reveal is a shame to here because it makes fans want to forget the character’s arc as well now. The DCEU is filled with villains not handled well, and June Moone/Enchantress is another addition to that list.

16 Katana

Suicide Squad Deleted Katana Sword Skulls

This is Katana’s entry, this entry has my back. I would advise not criticizing this entry. Her sword traps the souls of its victims.

Okay, now that the meme part of this is entry is over, it is time to get serious. Katana is a complicated superheroine with a more than tragic backstory. The depth of her character gets boiled down to a few lines and a small moment. None of these decisions were worthy of the character’s actual potential. Katana should be forgotten so that the DCEU can bring her back in a more proper way.

15 Jimmy Olsen

So, some fans may not know this, but that photographer who passes away at the beginning of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is supposed to be Jimmy Olsen. The extended cut shows Olsen mentioned by name during the scene, which is the only way fans know it is him.

This might be the DCEU wanting fans actually to forget Jimmy Olsen passing away. By discluding his name in the theatrical cut, the writers can now bring the character back with not many people noticing. Olsen is supposed to be a massive player in Superman’s stories, but clearly, the DCEU forgot that momentarily.

14 Orana

Orana is one of the strongest Amazon Warriors on Themyscira. Some fans would not be able to tell that seeing as she passes away first in the film. Orana is taken out by the German invasion, and she goes unnamed.

The whole plot point, only discovered in the credits, sucks. Orana defeats Diana in the comics to take the mantle as Wonder Woman. Fans now know that will never happen in the DCEU. Writing off Orana is a major slip up. The DCEU made a mistake that needs to be fixed. Sadly, this point is tough to forget about even if the moment is understated.

13 Slipknot

Slipknot Suicide Squad

Sure, it makes sense that fans need to see the explosive collars work. This decision adds to the tension and gives weight to the plot device. That being said, did it need to be slipknot?

If the writers want to write off Slipknot before fans even meet him, then Slipknot should not be in promotional material. The flip side is: if the writers want to include Slipknot in promos, then he deserves more screen time. The decision to write him off shows an imbalance in production and post-production that the DCEU would rather fans forget about.

12 Amanda Waller

Viola Davis can do it all when given the resources to succeed. After the release of Widows, many fans were left wondering why Davis did not get that kind of screen time in Suicide Squad.

Amanda Waller is just as cold and calculating as Davis’ character in the Steve McQueen film. Yet, the writing and direction of the film never allow any of that acting ability to shine. Given the Oscar-worthy performance Davis just gave, it’s possible that the DCEU is kicking itself over how Waller has been handled on screen.

11 James Gordon

JK Simmons as Comissioner James Gordon in Justice League

James Gordon deserves the thick mustache that J.K. Simmons gave the character, but everything else is flat with Simmons portrayal. Not to be too critical, the fact of the matter is the script left no room for Simmons to show any character.

The screenplay boxed Gordon into a reserved role that made it feel as if Simmons was phoning in his appearance. This debut is not what fans wanted in character, especially after such a strong portrayal by Gary Oldman. The decision weakened the role and gave a great actor nothing to work with other than a sweet mustache.

10 Lex Luthor

Batman v Superman

As brought up earlier, the Jesse Eisenberg version of Lex Luthor feels like a spin-off of Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg. The decision to make Lex a young tech genius with the mental instability of a self-indulgent Charles Manson felt off from the get-go.

Lex Luthor shows up too early. The villain is wasted away as an excitable and goofy villain. Eisenberg plays his role well, but the direction is misguided. The DCEU should want fans to forget about this misstep that sent the villain off into wonderland. Lex Luthor’s reputation is falling by the wayside now, and recovery work is going to be needed.

9 Black Manta

Black Manta Aquaman Movie

This goes back to the “save the villain” idea brought up earlier in this list. Black Manta is fine in Aquaman, but did one of the most iconic villains need to be shown so soon? Well, yes the DCEU is desperate for traction. Still, the reviews and box office results tell fans the gamble did not pay off.

Now Black Manta is in the same boat as General Zod. They're stepping stones for character development and a waste of potential. Give Aquaman a manageable enemy to start the climb towards respectability, because now the DCEU has another lame duck villain on its hands.

8 Killer Croc

Suicide Squad

The writers' room for DC needs this rule engraved in the wall: If the writer understands the character, then feature the character. Killer Croc is a well-used character in Suicide Squad. His lines are good, and his use in the squad makes sense. So, the writers limiting his screen time is unfortunate.

The DCEU wants fans to forget that they underserved this excellent character. Killer Croc showed the right personality to become a fan favorite quickly. All the scaly skin monster needed is a little more screen time. Sadly, DCEU messed up, and now they’d prefer fans to forget the mistake.

7 Etta Candy

Again, if a character is done well, then use the character. Etta Candy is supposed to be Wonder Woman’s sidekick and right-hand woman. Instead, fans got a diminished role with sheepish screen time.

Etta Candy provides the personality to go along with Diana’s introduction to the modern world. She excites humor in the viewer that can turn a good film into a more memorable experience. Instead, Candy might as well be forgotten, because the DCEU clearly forgot to use this character to her full potential.  

6 Martha Wayne

Batman V Superman Ultimate Martha Wayne

This entry’s rationale is quite simple: without Martha Wayne, there is no Martha scene. To be honest, the whole Martha fiasco helps Batman and Superman reconcile and put their differences aside. Still, the scene clearly hurt the film after the jokes about the momma boy nature of it went viral.

The whole film makes for better viewing if Bruce Wayne’s parents' endings are not brought into the fold. The list discusses the idea in an earlier entry, but the point still stands. Let the two characters develop in a new way that feels fresh and, boom, DCEU has a whole new successful version of the film.

5 Deathstroke

DCEU actually needs fans to forget that the villain showed up in a post-credit scene. With Matt Reeves taking on the Batman film in production, the involvement of Deathstroke is now up in the air. This decision makes the DCEU look like it jumped the gun a bit on his inclusion in that post-film meetup.

The gaff mimics the mistakes Marvel made with Thanos (that paid off in the end). Thanos looks different in every post-credit scene. It made fans worry for the direction of the character and how well the writers were going to handle the star villain. The same thing is happening to Deathstroke, and the DCEU is not as likely to fix the mistakes that were made earlier.

4 Doomsday

Batman v Superman

One last time: save the big villains for a big payoff! Doomsday is meant to be an impeccable monster bent on destroying Superman and the earth. The decision to rush his arrival and spoil his appearance in the film ruined the character’s film debut.

Doomsday needed to be a real threat. Instead, when Doomsday ends Superman, it almost feels like an accident. The antagonist feels like a puppet with hollow motivation. Fans wanted the monster among super villains, but instead, audiences got a monster controlled by a supervillain. The decision fell flat and everyone wishes they could forget it.

3 Jor-El

Man of Steel is a wonderful film that starts the extended universe off with a promising beginning. However, the intention behind the film is to start with a Superman finding his role in a world that is not his.

Clark Kent is supposed to struggle and fail a little bit. The lack of confidence makes him seem more human than the current version and keeps him grounded to the audience. Instead, the film fixes these imperfections by reintroducing Superman to his father, Jor-El, in the same movie Jor-El passes away in. The decision to bring in Jor-El reassures Superman and accelerates character development that fans wanted to happen gradually.

2 Barry Allen

Put the pitchfork down and remember: if a character is done well, then include the character more. Ezra Miller fit the role of Barry Allen. His portrayal of the Flash stuck with fans, and many viewers found it memorable. The reason that the DCEU wants fans to forget the character is that they want to do the character justice properly.

Instead of the Flash is a part of the side cast for his first significant action, Allen deserved a major title film before Justice League. The decision was a meaningful oversight by the creators. If the Flash did receive a major movie before Justice League (that would require finding a director), then the history of the universe goes in a whole other direction. It is too bad the writers cannot create a real Flash Point.

1 Leto’s Joker

Taking a risk is okay. Films that make a risk can gain a lot of credit for those risk. However, those risks need to be done the right way. Jared Leto as the Joker was a risk that no one needed to make.

Playing the Joker was an uphill battle for Jared Leto. No matter what some fans were going to hate the performance because some viewers refuse to look past Heath Ledger’s version of the character. The Joker’s use in Suicide Squad is minimal and, to be honest, the film does not need him. The plot gains nothing from Joker’s involvement, and DCEU is better off if fans just forget that the writers tried to pull it off.


Which of these DCEU characters are you trying to forget? Let us know in the comments!

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