16 Dark Theories That DC Fans Will Hate

A fan theory is an assumption or set of assumptions that are used to explain certain events in a book, movie, story, or saga. These theories have been around long before the invention of the Internet and can explain gaping plot holes, develop interesting origin stories, or simply change a part of a movie or book that we do not like.

Fan theories have become an important part of the world of comics and particularly in the DC Universe. They have become somewhat of a competitive sport, with many people developing many competing ideas.

The best fan theories are hard to debunk or prove wrong and show just how well a person knows the history of DC Comics and the DCEU. They also tend to showcase theories that we would generally want to see in future comics and movies.

However, this article will not focus on those theories. Instead, this article will focus on the ones that truly enrage us. They put us DC fans on the edge of our seats and make us scream in a fit of rage.

Since some fan theories have been turned into future story plots, we all hope that none of these dark theories ever see the light of day.

So, get ready to enter the dark and twisted universe of fan theories, because here are the 16 Dark Theories that DC Fans Will Hate.

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16 The Joker and Harley Quinn Had Kids Who Died

The Joker and Harley Quinn have a pretty messed up relationship – one that would be even worse with kids.

During a scene in Suicide Squad , the Joker is happily laying in a circle of weapons. However, some fans noticed that there are baby onesies laid out right outside of his circle of destruction. The onesies match the colors of Harley and the Joker’s hair, making it seem as though they’re personal to him.

This has sparked a theory that the insane duo once had kids. There are other hints to their family throughout the rest of the movie such as the scene where Enchantress reveals that Harley’s ultimate fantasy is having kids with the Joker. Also, at one point while talking to the other Suicide Squad members Harley erupts saying people like them can’t be normal and have families.

Could having children explain why Harley stays with the Joker despite the constant abuse?

One theory suggests that these kids died at the hands of Batman. This explains the Robin costume spray painted with the words “Hahaha Joke’s on You, Batman” in Batman v. Superman. Since Batman took the Joker and Harley Quinn’s kids, they took someone close to him.

15 Wonder Woman is the Daughter of Ares

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Ares

Wonder Woman is the legendary daughter of Zeus. However, one theory offers another origin story. This theory suggests that Wonder Woman is actually the daughter of the God of War, Ares.

In Wonder Woman, Ares knew Diana’s true nature and a lot about her before he met her, despite the fact that she was created after Ares was banished and that she never left Themyscria.

This has led fans to believe he has a closer connection to her than we are led to believe. Therefore, according to this theory, Ares disguised himself as Zeus to create Diana.

Another counter-theory suggests that the Ares we are introduced to in the movie is actually Zeus himself. This could explain why he knows a lot about Diana and why he uses a lot of lighting powers. Some other fans also think that Zeus is not actually dead, and he simply created this Ares to prepare Wonder Woman to fight the real Ares.

14 The Green Lantern is Parallax and He Wiped Out the Green Lantern Corps

With only six Justice League members confirmed to be in the film, fans believe this means that the Green Lantern will make a surprising appearance in the movie, but in a twisted way.

In one of the Justice League trailer, Steppenwolf says that there are no Lanterns guarding the Earth which has led fans to assume this is because the Green Lantern is now a villain.

One theory suggests that Hal Jordan became Parallax and wiped out the Green Lantern Corps. Another theory suggests that Steppenwolf turned the Green Lantern into a Parademon or that the Hal Jordan is somehow working for him. This would provide a reason as to why Steppenwolf knows there is no Lantern guarding Earth.

13 Martha Wayne Staged her Death and Became Martha Kent

Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?”

We all remember that awkward and highly criticized scene from Batman v Superman. It was so disliked by viewers that some fans started making theories just so that they could make sense of it.

Batman became obsessed with the idea of killing Superman, so why did one simple word change his mind? One fan believes that it is because Batman caught on to a suspicion that the two Marthas are the same person.

This theory suggests that Martha Wayne, in cahoots with Joe Chill, killed her husband and staged her own death. Her and Joe ran away to Smallville and changed their names to Jon and Martha Kent. Batman somehow caught on to the act and therefore, couldn't kill Superman.

The theory plays off of Affleck’s film Gone Girl  and makes one of the most controversial scenes in the DCEU, that much worse.

12 Lois Lane is a Telepathic Meta-Human

Lois Lane from Man of Steel

In Batman v Superman, Lois Lane was held at gunpoint by terrorists and despite the fact that she doesn’t scream or do anything that would catch the attention of Superman, the Man of Steel swoops in to save the day.

Later on, she is in the middle of the Arctic when Superman somehow manages to save her again. However, what if this is because she has telepathic powers and could mentally contact Superman?

The theory is confirmed during the end of the movie when Lois reaches into the water to get the spear. She had no idea that the spear was important or what it was capable of – unless she had telepathic powers.

Another darker theory that tries to explain Lois’ relationship to Superman is that she is a love slave. Based on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, there’s no evidence of why Lois and Clark are together.

However, during the scene in Batman v Superman where she’s taking a bath and Clark comes home, she seems terrified of him until he jumps into the tub with her. According to one theory, this scene exemplifies her role as his love slave.

11 The Joker is Alfred's Son and Batman's Half Brother

One of the biggest sources of DC fan theories is the mystery behind the murder of Batman’s parents. This theory explains their murder and suggests that Wayne Manor has even mores secrets than we thought.

According to the theory, Alfred and Martha had an affair which led to a son. Disgraced and embarrassed, Martha passed off the child as Thomas Wayne’s kid and convinced Thomas that they should give the baby up for adoption. This baby spent many years in foster care and eventually grew up to become the Joker.

Martha and Thomas had another child later in life and named him Bruce. One day, Martha decided that she couldn’t keep the other child’s identity a mystery any longer and told Alfred about his son.

Enraged, Alfred sought vengeance and killed Thomas and Martha Wayne so that Bruce could feel the pain of growing up without parents, much like his brother, the Joker, did.

10 1o. Disney and Marvel Paid Critics to Write Bad Reviews of Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman Fight Scene

Batman v Superman had a score of 27% on Rotten Tomato and is claimed by critics as one of the worst superhero movies ever made. But according to some DC fans, it isn’t because the movie was actually terrible, but because it was sabotaged.

Some fans of the film have propagated the theory that Disney and Marvel paid critics to flood the media with bad reviews to stop the DCEU’s success. This theory spreads so far as to say that there is a conspiracy theory against Zack Snyder, and that even if critics aren’t being paid, they certainly have a bias towards Marvel over DC.

Although it would certainly anger fans if this theory were true, there is no evidence to support it. It’s time that we all let this one go.

9 Superman is Actually Religious Propaganda

One author, Stephen Skelton, wrote a book called The Gospel According to the World’s Greatest Superhero, in which he addresses multiple faith references in the Superman comics and links between Superman and Jesus.

According to him, Superman’s origin story is very similar to that of Jesus. He said, “From above, a heavenly father sends his only son to save the Earth. When [Superman] comes down to Earth, he’ll be raised by two parents who originally had the names Mary and Joseph… When Superman comes of age, he travels to the arctic wilderness to commune with his father’s spirit, which mirrors Christ’s journey into the desert.”

Superman also fights for truth and justice through sacrifice much like a missionary of faith and has come back to life after being killed.

In contrast to him, the theory also suggests that Lex Luthor represents Lucifer. They even have very similar names.

8 Jarod Leto's Joker is Actually Jason Todd's Robin

After the release of the Suicide Squad official trailer, one Reddit user found some similarities between Jared Leto’s Joker and Jason Todd, suggesting that the original Joker tortured the former Robin into becoming the Joker we see in Suicide Squad.

Jason Todd was murdered by the Joker in the 1988 graphic novel, A Death in the Family and because of the Robin suit in Batman v Superman we can assume that he also died in the DCEU. The evidence that proves the new Joker is Jason Todd can also be seen in the suit.

Jared Leto’s Joker has many tattoos; however, some of the ones in his shoulder seem to be in the same place as Jason Todd’s wounds (as shown from the damaged suit). Could they be used to hide something?

Also, the Joker has a J tattoo which resembles Jason Todd’s scar in the Arkham Knight video game and a feather tattoo which could represent his former life as Robin.

Lastly, Jared Leto’s teeth are said to be evidence that the Joker tortured Jason Todd into becoming the new Joker – potentially with a crowbar.

7 Alfred is Bruce's Real Father

Love and affairs are always the motive for murder, right? Well, this theory suggests that the Waynes’ murder was motivated by passion.

According to this long-standing theory, Alfred and Martha had an affair which led to the birth of a baby. Since Alfred was Martha’s butler, she never told anyone about Bruce’s real father and simply passed him off as Thomas Wayne’s kid. However, Alfred had fallen in love with Martha and wasn’t happy with the arrangement.

When Martha refused to leave Thomas, Alfred hired Joe Chill to kill his competition so that him and Martha could be together forever. However, when Joe tries to shoot Thomas, there is a struggle and he accidentally shoots Martha.

Feeling depressed, guilty, and alone, Alfred raises Bruce as his own and never tells him the truth about their relationship.

This theory attempts to explain Alfred’s devotion to Bruce despite Batman’s vigilantism and constant near-death experiences.

6 Superman Isn't as Powerful as He Thinks

Superman has many different powers – from superhuman strength and speed to heat vision, and the ability to fly. However, a fan named Ben Tippett wrote a scientific paper called A Unified Theory of Superman’s Powers which analyzed the Man of Steel’s powers from a physics point of view.

Tippett determined that Superman doesn’t have many different powers, but actually one unifying one – telekinesis.

Using equations and diagrams, Tippett explains how all of Superman’s powers are simply a manifestation of the ability to manipulate his own nature and the matter of things he comes into contact with.

The theory even explains why no one notices Clark Kent is Superman. According to Tippett, the power of telekinesis allows him to manipulate his face and magnify the strength of his lenses to the point that he is distorted and unrecognizable by the human eye.

5 Batman is Actually in Arkham Asylum

This theory reflects a very Shutter Island­-esque version of the Batman comics.

According to some fans, Bruce was diagnosed with PTSD after the death of his parents and falling down a well. He was then sent to Arkham Asylum and created a fantasy life for himself where he was a superhero and all the people around him were villains.

The Joker is actually Bruce’s doctor, Dr. Joe Car, and he tries to reach out to Bruce using jokes and laughter. Dr. Car’s assistant is Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and the two of them have a relationship Bruce does not approve of.

The Scarecrow is Bruce’s therapist, Jonathan Crane and he gives Mr. Wayne sedatives that give him nightmares.

Catwoman is a nurse that Bruce has a crush on. She’s nice to him but still forces him to take his medication. Therefore, Bruce never knows if she’s his friend or foe.

Mr. Freeze is the maintenance man that always has the AC blasting, and Poison Ivy is the groundskeeper who tends the plants in the asylum.

Clayface represents the janitors at Arkham. There’s a high turnover rate but Bruce believes it’s all just one person who can change his face.

4 Robin is Batman's Fail-Safe in Case He Becomes Evil

From kryptonite for Superman to a vibrating bullet for Aquaman, Batman has a fail-safe plan for every Justice League member in case they turn evil. But what about himself? It wouldn’t be a surprise if he had a fail-safe plan for his own sake.

One of Batman’s biggest fears is becoming evil. So, it would make sense that he would create a self-destruct device for himself very early on in his career. Some people believe that this is why he recruited Robin.

Robin trained under Batman and knows all of his moves, weapons, weaknesses, and fighting techniques which would allow him to be a formidable enemy against the Dark Knight.

According to the theory, Batman has not only been training every Robin to help him save the world, but also to help save the world from Batman.

3 Wonder Woman is the Darker Version of Moana

Many fan theories link different movies together and this theory suggests that Wonder Woman and Moana are the same person.

Released after Moana, Wonder Woman is a darker version of the same story. Both characters come from small islands and neither have ever left their homes. They are also both related to royalty with Wonder Woman being the daughter of Zeus and Moana being the daughter of the Motunui’s king and queen.

Both characters are also taught about their past by family members – Diana’s aunt and Moana’s grandmother – who encourage them to discover their destiny. These family members also both suddenly die, which pushes each of the girls to embark on their quest.

One Twitter user even matched the lyrics of Moana’s song “How Far I’ll Go” with images and storylines from Wonder Woman.

The second verse says “I know everybody on the island seems so happy, on this island. Everything is by design. I know everybody on the island has a role, on this island. So maybe I can roll with mine.”

Sound familiar?  

2 Batman was Sent Back in Time to Kill his Parents and Become the Joker

According to this theory, Batman goes on to defeat all the evil in the universe. Completing his mission, Bruce Wayne was sent backwards in time to an alley in Gotham. He sees his parents and his younger self walking through the alley and frantically starts looking for Joe Chill.

He soon realizes that his parents’ murderer is nowhere to be found and instead comes to the conclusion that he must kill his own parents so that he can ensure he becomes Batman and ultimately eliminate all the evil from the world. So, he becomes his shooter and shoots his parents in order to save the world.

The Dark Knight comes to the realization that he is the center of all the suffering in his life and jumps off the Narrows Bridge, attempting to take his own life.

However, a couple hours later, the police fish his body out of the water. Batman is deathly pale, but he is still alive. As soon as he is taken out of the water, officers start to hear him laugh. Future Batman has now become the Joker.

1 Superman will Kill Alfred in Justice League

After the Justice League Comic-Con trailer was released online, one Reddit user came up with an interesting plot theory about the upcoming movie.

According to the theory, Steppenwolf will kill Lois Lane early on in Justice League and Superman will hear her screaming from beyond the grave. This will awaken the Man of Steel and send him on a revenge rampage.

The theorist suggests that Superman will blame Batman for his lover’s death and will kill Alfred as an eye for an eye. This explains why there is a scene in the trailer where Alfred says, “He told me you’d come”.

Batman will then send Flash back in time and create the dream sequence from Batman v Superman. Flash will prevent the death of Lois Lane and then help Batman figure out how to wake up Superman.


Do you know of any other dark theories that other DC fans would hate? Let us know in the comments!

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