15 DC Comics Weapons More Powerful Than Thor's Hammer

With Warner Bros. and DC Comics ramping up their cinematic efforts to match Marvel's line up, comic book titles are reporting their highest profits in decades. It seems fans can't get enough. We want more superheroes, more crossovers, and an extended universe that is not bound by studio licensing. How long did it take to get Spider-Man in a movie with The Avengers?

The buzz blazing up internet forums right now is DC and Marvel crossovers. For the first time, fans are daring to imagine their favorite cross-branded superheroes side by side on the big screen. And as such, we can't help but speculate over which characters would win a fight or which group is more powerful. One big subject of debate is whether any DC weapons are more powerful than Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir. Can that even be quantified? It is a question capable of stumping the most avid comic book fans.

The following speculative list details 15 DC weapons that might hold their own against Thor's hammer and, given the right circumstances, could even overpower Mjolnir. Note: in the same spirit as comic book crossover events, this list describes possible outcomes rather than a definitive statement about the overall power of each weapon.


15 Green Lantern's Power Ring

Green Lantern's ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. While its power can seem magical in nature, it is a weapon of science created thousands of years ago by a group of immortals called the Guardians. Its energy output is virtually limitless and is only capped by the strength of the ring bearer's will power. It can project energy, create force fields and generate any construct one can imagine.

Thor's hammer is a weapon of magic. It was enchanted by Odin to be impervious to damage and can harness cosmic energy. Thor once said: "No power in the universe but the All-Father's can affect Mjolnir". Had he said "the multiverse", we might not be asking these questions.

Interestingly, the two weapons are much more similar than most people know. Both weapons can transform the user-- we see this often with Green Lantern, and nd Thor's hammer has been used to transform him into Dr. Donald Blake and vice versa. Both weapons share a practically unbreakable bond with their user. They also both share an almost telepathic connection with their users and can project great amounts of energy.

In spite of these and other similarities, Thor's hammer is limited to a finite power level based on the strength of its enchantments. The Green Lantern's ring is not. While Thor and Mjolnir might defeat some Green Lanterns in battle, a Lantern with enough will power could arguably best Thor and possibly even destroy the hammer.

14 Warworld


Warworld is aptly named considering it is a planet-sized weapon. Just imagine a Death Star, but bigger. Built by a warmongering race, it is fully mobile with a seemingly endless arsenal of weapons including building sized nuclear missiles and laser cannons large enough to be seen from orbit.

The massive juggernaut made its first explosive appearance in DC Comics Presents #27 with enough fire power to give both Superman and Supergirl a run for their money. After a prolonged battle, Supergirl was finally able to breach the planet's defenses by flying at faster than light speeds.

Another note of interest is that the considerable weaponry and size of Warworld may not have been so effective without an ingeniously designed control module. A chair was installed allowing any single user to control the planet's entire arsenal at the speed of thought through a direct neural connection.

There is no doubt Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in either universe. But one can argue that any weapon capable of fending off two Kryptonians is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Thor's hammer.

13 Thanagarian Nth Metal Mace

Now wait just one minute. Who would ever compare a common Thanagarian weapon to Thor's legendary hammer? For that answer we need to explore Mjolnir's history. Dwarven blacksmiths are said to have used the core of a star to forge Mjolnir out of a mystical Asgardian metal known as Uru. Odin himself then enchanted the hammer enhancing its native mystical abilities.

As one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe, the hammer has only been compromised a few times. One incident was seen in Thor vol. 2 #80 when the hammer was shattered in battle by another enchanted Uru weapon. The destruction of Mjolnir was in part due to the atomic level explosion caused by the impact of these weapons.

Avid comic book fans have undoubtedly noticed that many magical items have a vulnerability to other magic. In this same vein, we propose the theory that Nth metal is a distant cousin (or alternate universe counterpart) to Uru metal.

Nth metal hails from Thanagar and has an innate ability to cancel out other magic. Hawkgirl's Nth metal mace was able to deflect all of Doctor Fate's spells in the animated Justice League series. The mace was also the only weapon capable of putting down the monstrous Solomon Grundy when his powers were augmented by chaos magic.

It is very conceivable that a battle between Nth metal weapons and Uru weapons could result in the same outcome that once shattered Thor's hammer.

12 The Sword of Superman

While Thor's hammer was forged with the core of a star, the Sword of Superman was created by the Big Bang. It is a near-sentient piece of matter that took the form of a sword at the moment the universe began.

The was first seen in Superman Annual 10 and ultimately forged a mental bond with Superman. In comics, it's depicted as a gold sword with the Superman sigil on the hilt. In addition to being indestructible yet capable of great destruction, it continued to increase Superman's power levels exponentially as the bond between them grew stronger.

Once Superman began to reach an omniscient-level connection with the universe, he rejected the sword and broke the connection. He believed no one should be that powerful, not even him. A physical clash between Thor's hammer and Sword of Superman could result in a stalemate. But the vast power the sword bestows upon its owner may make it a more powerful weapon, overall.

11 Stargirl's Cosmic Staff

The Cosmic Staff, AKA Cosmic Rod, was created by Ted Knight, the first Starman. His initial invention was called The Gravity Rod and when asked about its amazing abilities he proudly stated: "Cosmic Rays from the stars concentrated in the Gravity Rod enable me to soar through space"!

After retirement he upgraded the rod to a more powerful staff for his son. That staff is now in the capable hands of Stargirl. Like the Gravity Rod, it absorbs stellar energy and has an almost limitless ability to channel it. Coincidentally, the forms of energy manipulation seen in the staff are very similar to Green Lantern's power ring. The staff can create force fields, levitate objects, project energy, and it can be controlled telepathically from a distance.

It can also absorb electricity such as the lightning energy emitted by Thor's hammer. This key power along with its ability to manipulate gravity and magnetism make it a formidable threat to Mjolnir. We have seen Thor's vulnerability to gravity attacks in both The Avengers animated movies and in comic books.

10 The Helmet of Nabu


This relic is also called the Helmet of Fate. It embodies the power and knowledge of Nabu, a Lord of Order. Both the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos are god like beings who enforce balance in the universe. Anyone wearing the helmet of Nabu is imbued with near invulnerability, enhanced strength, flight, telepathy, telekinesis, energy transmutation, and more.

But even these powers pale in comparison to the magical knowledge and abilities gifted to the helmet's owner. Doctor Fate's magical prowess when wearing the helmet is unmatched in the DC universe. When compared to Marvel counterparts, Doctor Fate would be the equal of Loki or Doctor Strange.

While Thor has been able to repeatedly defeat Loki, he has often lost battles against him as well. We also know Doctor Strange cast a spell to magically remove Mjolnir from Thor's grasp in Strange Tales #182.

Admittedly, Strange was under the influence of Loki at the time, but the point is that it is not out of the question to think Doctor Fate could do the same while wearing the helmet of Nabu.

9 The Sun Eater

A race of beings called the Controllers created Sun Eaters to destroy those worlds they deemed too evil to exist. Sun Eaters are living nebulae that have the power to drain an entire star, thereby freezing every planet in the star's system. We are talking about beings with Galactus power levels-- at a minimum.

In DC Comics Presents #43, Mongul learned about a Sun Eater and sent it to destroy the Earth. It took Superman, two other members of the Justice League, and The Legion of Super Heroes' combined might to save the planet.

So the question before us is whether Thor could best Galactus from his own universe. A quick Comic Vine search shows a consensus of fans agreeing Thor could damage Galactus but could not defeat him. Considering the overall power levels at play,  it is not likely that Thor and Mjolnir could defeat a Sun Eater either.

8 The Spear of Destiny

The Spear of Destiny is also known as the Spear of Longinus. Its mystical energy is linked to Christ's blood from piercing his side. Yet it remains one of the most mysterious weapons in the DC Universe because its power has never been fully ascertained.

The spear has appeared multiple times throughout history, including during World War II when it was unearthed by Nazis. Harnessing its power, Hitler used the spear to blockade all superheroes from entering Germany or influencing the war. But the greater mystery surrounding this artifact lies in the fact that no hero can wield it for any length of time.

Both Superman and Captain Marvel tried and both almost fell under its dark influence. The spear has been thrown into outer space multiple times to keep its power from corrupting the Earth. And it was once used to stop one of DCs most powerful characters, the Spectre.

Could the spear overpower Mjolnir? It is hard to say since no one has been able to fully gauge its abilities. But the possibility exists. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to find out in a crossover event.

7 Amazo

Amazo is an Android built by Professor Anthony Ivo that made its first appearance in The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #30. Ivo's education in cybernetics along with the knowledge he gained dissecting the body of an Appellaxian allowed him to create absorption cells which mimic the genetic traits of others.

Perhaps as the ultimate test of his android technology, he pitted Amazo against the entire Justice League. All seven members of the League had to combine their strength in order to defeat Ivo's creation. Due to limitations in the original design, Amazo was initially programmed with the powers of specific Justice Leaguers. But over time he evolved to mimic the powers of anyone he was fighting as well as their weapons.

In a battle with Thor, Amazo could literally mimic all of Thor's powers and replicate his hammer. This makes the Amazo android a match for Mjolnir, if not a superior weapon.

6 The Flashing Blade


Though it is not expressly stated in Batman v Superman, Diana's sword in the movie is likely the Flashing Blade. This sword was forged by Titans to kill Gods and it is one of the few weapons in the DC universe that can actually cut the likes of Superman and Doomsday.

You may remember Wonder Woman using the sword to slice off a piece of Doomsday's arm in Batman v Superman. Diana also used the Flashing Blade to defeat the League in an alternate future. To be clear, we are talking about her taking down heavy-hitters like Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter.

In the DC universe, a fatal cut from this blade will permanently kill a god and can even channel the dead god's strength. Would the same rule apply in the Marvel universe? If so, the Sword's power would not only rival Mjolnir, but could literally infuse its wielder with the might of Thor with one killing stroke.

5 Lasso of truth

The Lasso of Truth is capable of great magic. Wonder Woman often uses the lasso to restrain enemies, dispel illusions, and compel people to speak absolute truth. It is also capable of protecting people within a small range against magical attacks. There have been numerous online debates comparing the power of Mjolnir to Diana's Lasso. Many fans argue that it's an apples and oranges comparison since the Lasso seems to be more of a tool than a weapon.

However, things are not always as they seem. This magically endowed lariat is far from harmless. In the wrong hands, the Lasso of Truth has driven its victims to mental breakdowns and even suicide.

For purposes of this post we'll contend that in the hands of Diana Prince, the Lasso of Truth could indeed overcome Thor and even capture Mjolnir. This assertion, however, is in part due to the outcome of previous crossover events. Wonder Woman is one of the few beings within the multiverse who has lifted Thor's hammer. It is entirely possible Wonder Woman could use the indestructible restrain Thor and disorient him by showing him the truth of his soul, then lasso Mjolnir from Thor's grasp while he is disoriented and then take the hammer as her own.

4 The Starheart

In DC retroactive continuity (retcon), The Guardians waged a war to rid the universe of all magic three and a half billion years ago. The stray chaotic magic left over from the war was collected by The Guardians and deposited into the core of a star.

The core's living energy eventually evolved into a sentient green flame called the Starheart. A fraction of that energy broke free and found its way to Earth, where it was converted into the first Green Lantern's power ring and lantern. Note that this ring is actually magic based, whereas the rings worn by the Green Lantern Corps are based on scientific principles.

Like the Lantern rings, powered by a central battery, the Starheart has no hard upper limit to its energy levels. In addition, being comprised of chaotic magic, it could even prove to be a more powerful adversary to Mjolnir than the traditional Lantern Corps rings.

3 The Entropy Aegis Armor

The armor was designed by Darkseid, crafted with the shell of an Imperiex probe, and enhanced with Apokoliptian technology. Powered by entropy, the suit is capable of withstanding cosmic level attacks and can reach near light speed travel velocity.

Its offensive capabilities include powerful energy blasts and the ability to absorb and redirect energy attacks of any kind. In regard to power levels, its closest counterpart in the Marvel universe is the Asgardian made Destroyer Armor.

The Destroyer has almost killed Thor a couple of times, but make note of the word 'almost'. This is an important point because Thor and his trusted Mjolnir have ultimately defeated the armor repeatedly. However, his victories have often been a result of removing the consciousness of the Destroyer's controller.

Since the Aegis armor would undoubtedly be inhabited by an actual body rather than controlled remotely, Thor and Mjolnir might not come out victorious in all out battle.

2 The Persuader's Atomic Axe


First appearing in Adventure Comics #352, the Atomic Axe can open portals to multiple dimensions by cutting through the fabric of reality. When thrown, the Persuader's Atomic Axe always returns to its owner, much like Mjolnir. But its most lethal quality is evident in the weapon's very name.

The axe literally splits atoms, or more accurately, severs matter at the atomic level. Due to its singularly unique abilities, the axe has proven to be the weapon of choice for multiple characters between the 20th and 31st centuries. This includes various incarnations of The Persuader, a villain whose only real superpower is the Axe in question.

In the hit WB show Smallville, the blade would glow a luminescent red as if being super-heated when in use.  It has been known to penetrate Kryptonian skin and it even cut through Raven's soul self. There is little doubt the Axe's blade could even sever the mighty Mjolnir.

1 Barda's Mega-Rod

Barda, AKA Big Barda, is a member of a technologically advanced and physically enhanced race of beings known as the New Gods. Her race could be considered comparable to the near immortal Gods of Asgard. She is over 250 years old and has fought both for and against the Justice League.

Her primary weapon is a virtually indestructible club known as a Mega-Rod. It is an effective hand to hand and distance weapon. It can be thrown as a projectile. And it can emit devastating blasts of concussive force. The rod does require a being with the equivalent strength of a New God to fire it, due to the resultant backward recoil. And at one point, a direct blast from the Mega-Rod actually knocked Superman unconscious.

Its components use the same technology found in Boom Tubes, which may not seem important out of context. But a single Mega-Rod, when reverse engineered, is powerful enough to be converted into an operational trans warp drive due to its functional components. As such, the Mega-Rod is likely on a level playing field with Thor's hammer.

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