Exclusive: DC's UNEXPECTED Final Issue Preview

From its very first issue, DC's The Unexpected has lived up to its name, pitting a new age of heroes against new villains for the fate of the Multiverse itself. And now that The Unexpected has reached its final issue, the ending in store is the last thing we would've ever predicted.

After the previous issue, it seemed that the book's heroes had finally reached a battle they were doomed to lose, even with the combined might of Firebrand, Neon, AND Hawkman. But as our exclusive preview shows, the villainous plan of the book's true villain - Mandrakk, the twisted figure once known as The Monitor Dax Novu - may have made their biggest mistake ever. And just in time for The Unexpected #8, the last chance this comic team has to save the Multiverse from total destruction.

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It's possible that readers who started the series may have missed the final reveal of Dax Novu-- sorry, Mandrakk the Dark Monitor as he's been known ever since he turned against the other Monitors, and was cast into oblivion by Superman. But as Mandrakk explained before killing the leader of the Unexpected, his journey into oblivion actually dropped him into the Dark Multiverse revealed in DC's METAL event. As a being who feeds on creation, existing in such nothingness was a prison he only recently escaped. And as he sank his teeth into both Neon, the book's previous hero, and the Bad Samaritan, the book's previous villain, everything seemed completely lost.

Which is why fans are going to want to take a look at the opening pages of The Unexpected #8. Because this fight is far from over:

Seeing Neon the Unknown, and Alden Quench the Bad Samaritan reach out in partnership is the last thing that fans would have expected after the first issue of The Unexpected. And as the series builds to its finale, that alone means fans should give writer Steve Orlando and the rest of his team serious props. And while it's unclear if Neon and Alden truly agree to bring Mandrakk down together (before they are vaporized and remade by the World Forge that exists beneath the DC Multiverse) we're assuming that's what comes next. How else would The Unexpected bring all of its best characters together for one last throwdown? Only the final issue will deliver that payoff, but in the meantime, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • Published: January 9th, 2018
  • Writer: Steve Orlando
  • Art: Ronan Cliquet
  • Cover by: Yanick Paquette
  • In defusing the Nth metal isotope, the Unexpected have accidentally given the Bad Samaritan what he’s always wanted: a doorway to the Dark Multiverse and Mandrakk! But Monitor World isn’t just a doorway, it’s a trapdoor. With the Multiverse on life support, opening it might just be the kill-shot everyone’s feared. FINAL ISSUE

The Unexpected #8 will be available on January 9th, from DC Comics.

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