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Mr Terrific Arrow Season 5

Long associated with the JSA, the original Mr. Terrific was a hyper-intelligent Olympian named Terry Sloane. Years after the character had faded from relevance, DC would resurrect the name when the Spectre convinced another gifted man to take up the mantle. Multiple doctorate-holding Michael Holt was suicidal after the loss

of his wife and daughter, until The Spectre intervened and gave him a new purpose. Using his extreme intelligence to create technology that could make him a superhero, Holt became Mr. Terrific.

After a failed solo New 52 comic, Mr. Terrific appeared in the recently canceled Earth 2. The character has shown enough life on the small screen to warrant a revitalization within the pages of DC’s Rebirth. Introduced to the Arrowverse as Curtis Holt, the CW incarnation of the character is a fine model for how the Earth 1 Mr. Terrific could become a mainstay of the new DCU. There is no reason to involve the Spectre this time around, and we can even model his costume on the much prefered Bruce Timm design from Justice League Unlimited. "Fair play" on the jacket sleeves would never work in a post-Instagram world.

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