10 Strongest Female Characters In The DC Universe

Before 2017, there wasn't much significance handed out to female superheroes, and they were generally lumped together with male superheroes in team-up movies. However, enormously strong female characters have lived on in comic books for decades, and they are being given their due popularity now.

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With films like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel making female superheroes mainstream names, there is no doubt the coming decades will see many more solo female-led films. DC has generally been ahead of Marvel in introducing powerful female superheroes and villains, and that’s why it’s worth noting the top 10 strongest female characters in the DC Universe.

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10 Zatanna

Rather than being a “witch,” Zatanna really is a magician. This gives her the ability to cast various illusions and mask her true powers without revealing their true depth. Zatanna is one of the most powerful sorceresses, having genetic powers instead of acquiring them. She can cast spells and can use her magic for larger purposes, such as defeating enemies like Parademons, or for menial tasks without speaking. Her powers are such that, by not using them, they end up increasing in strength. She’s also able to use divination and foresight. It’s not known how far her powers can go, with seemingly endless potential, such as resurrecting Metropolis and even manipulating time and space.

9 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy On Vines

We can tell that a character is pretty freakin’ powerful when all she needs to do is plant a kiss on someone to instantly poison them. Poison Ivy’s body itself can produce toxins in a variety of forms, with their deadly potential based on how much pain she wants to inflict.

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Her own immunity reaches super levels as she’s been shown to be one of the few characters who can withstand Joker’s fear venom. Perhaps the greatest trick in her arsenal is her ability to control the minds of men to do her bidding, and this even extends to men with extreme mental fortitude like Batman. Then again, the power to control plant life to do what she wants them to is pretty unparalleled in itself.

8 Mera

DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

It would be curtains for most of us if we were ever trapped in a tsunami. For Mera, though, a tsunami is like jumping into a pool. She’s not only completely resistant to all water-based attacks, but Mera’s powers are also amplified with them.

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She can easily breathe underwater and has super speed in this realm. Her speed is so ferocious, she can use it to annihilate submarines or other kinds of weaponry underwater. The ability of Hydrokinesis comes naturally to her, and, with manipulation of water, she can effectively create mini-tsunamis of her own. Her super durability means it would take powerful beings like Superman to beat her in a fight.

7 Big Barda

All you need to know is that Barda is a New God, and it’s pretty obvious how powerful she is. She comes from the same race as Darkseid (who’s generally the most powerful DC character you can find) and has genetic abilities that rival Superman’s).

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Her godly powers easily give the super strength that allows her to lift hundreds of tons with a simple gesture. She can put up with the best of them in a fight thanks to her warrior-like training, and the armor she wears—forged in Apokolips—makes it near-impossible for her opponents to attack her. She’s also naturally resistant to most toxins produced.

6 Hawkgirl

She has the usual powers one would expect from a super being – super strength, durability, speed. However, what makes Hawkgirl truly unique is the ability for her to be magic-resistant. This power cannot be understated, as it allows Hawkgirl to be a cut above most of the rest.

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She was able to use her mace (which is made of Nth metal) to nullify attacks from someone as insanely powerful as Doctor Fate. It also means that every other magic attack against her can be countered by Hawkgirl, making her a figure for all magic-based characters to fear. There’s also the fact that she can swiftly fly, and use her super strength to make her mace more powerful.

5 Raven

Raven Teen Titans

Did you expect a being who is the daughter of a demon to be weak? Raven makes full use of her wide array of powers, which include other-worldly abilities like astral projection, fear inducement, and dark energy. She can extract herself from her physical body and use her soul to travel great distances and render herself incorporeal. Raven can also absorb wounds on others, effectively healing them and herself. Using her soul form, she can take control of a person’s mind and cast them into darkness. Along with fear inducement, Raven can also induce pain in her opponents, which means she doesn’t even need to be in contact with them.

4 Supergirl

Popularly known as the kid cousin of Superman, Supergirl has all the powers of her older relative, and this makes her a devastating force to reckon with. With the powers of a yellow sun, she can possess super strength—around the same levels of Superman—as well as tremendous speed and stamina. While not as fast as the Flash, her speed is still instantaneous and can take out most opponents.

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She’s still susceptible to Kryptonite, though, but can use her smart mind to evade its harmful effects on her. She does this by making use of her freeze breath, heat vision, among many other powers that allow her to cause damage from a considerable distance.

3 Starfire

Starfire Teen Titans DC Comics

People who underestimate Starfire due to her very innocent nature make a huge mistake, as she’s supposed to be the most powerful of the Teen Titans. Her physiology is such that not only does radiation prove useless as an attack against her, but she's able to absorb it on a constant basis. This means she can have access to unbridled levels of energy.

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She can fly at super speeds and can cross galaxies in mere seconds. Add to that, her super levels of strength, and Starfire is pretty much powerful in any setting. When under fits of rage, Starfire releases enormous levels of energy that can level several cities. She can’t be weakened by the methods of lack of food, rest, or water, as her energy production negates the need for these resources.

2 Powergirl

An even more powerful version of Supergirl, Power Girl has all the powers mentioned for her counterpart, except these are magnified and perfected. Her greatest asset is the fact that she’s from an alternate universe, meaning that the weakness of Kryptonite doesn’t work on her. This means she doesn’t even have a particular weakness—other than maybe magic—and can take out her enemies without fear of retaliation. Whenever she’s locked horns with Supergirl, Power Girl has been the one to emerge victoriously. In some iterations, Power Girl even has the power of telekinesis, something neither Supergirl or Superman possess.

1 Wonder Woman

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the greatest female superhero ever created. Her legacy is such that she stands on even footing as far as cultural impact is considered. When considering her powers, she still bests all other female superheroes; not because of physical abilities, but because of her sheer will and determination. Wonder Woman knows no defeat, and she’ll keep on fighting until the end, and even against more powerful enemies like Darkseid. Her lasso of truth enables her to bind her enemies indefinitely and influence them to reveal their secrets. Her physical powers are on par with Superman, and she’s defeated him several times as well. Her melee abilities are impossible to top, and her warrior status means she knows all manners of combat.

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