10 Joker Memes That Will Make You Cackle Like The Iconic Villain

As one of DC's most iconic villains, Joker is rarely out of the spotlight. The recently released Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, has put him even more into the public's presence. Audiences almost unanimously approve of the interpretation. Even those who didn't like the movie admit that Phoenix did a stellar job with his portrayal of the titular character.

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Whether one enjoyed it or not, everyone can get in on the laughs when it comes to the memes. The following ten presented below are so funny, one would think they were crafted by the manic villain himself. Of course it is not possible, because he doesn't exist. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves to fall asleep at night.

10 Creepiest Part Of The Movie

Joker Meme putting fingers into bruce's mouth

The movie is meant to be uncomfortable, but one can only imagine how weird it must have been to film the scene where Arthur Fleck comes face-to-face with Bruce Wayne, whom at the time he believes is his brother. During the encounter on the Wayne estate, Joker sticks his fingers in the boy's mouth to put a smile on his face.

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Just typing out the description makes one cringe. Fortunately, when done to a dog it is sillier. All pet owners have probably done this at one point in their lives. Another favorite move is putting your finger in a cat's mouth as they yawn. They cannot speak to say how they feel about it, but they surely must love it.

9 Moms, Progenitors Of Self-Esteem

Are you really going out like that meme

Most people can sympathize with this one. One thinks they look so good in their digs and are ready to hit the town, only for their mother or father to comment on their style. Most love their parents so much, any negativity feels like getting hit by a car.

Their hearts are in the right place, and even if they are right, they probably should keep their mouths shut. Sometimes a parent must support their child's decision no matter what. If all they are offending is the fashion police, then who cares how they look?

8 A Dog's Life

Pizza Rolls Joker meme

No matter what food owners bestow upon their pets, the little animals will always strive for whatever is on their human's plate. Those who don't want to deal with a dog begging for food are better off never giving in...even once. After the first time, they'll gleefully gait towards the owner every time they cook or walk out of the kitchen with some food. Then, the dogs get sad and give their owner those trademark puppy dog eyes if they are denied a taste.

7 Copying Homework

Joker Meme change it a littl

Most people end up copying homework at least once in their academic career. If it is during grade school, then it is harmless. But things get more foul when the assignment is adapting a multi-million dollar property.

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Fortunately, the actual movie and character does a great job of distinguishing itself from Heath Ledger's legendary performance. One may prefer it over the Phoenix, but nobody can say the latter is a bland imitation.

6 Sibling Rivalry

Brother Getting In Trouble

Those who grew up in a big family always get jealous of the one sibling who can do no wrong in their parents' eyes. Their brothers and sisters know their true face, but the elders never see it. A glorious day comes every once in a while, though, when they are finally put in the dog house for an indiscretion. It's rare, but the other siblings revel in it when it happens. Of course, the one who rarely gets in trouble gets to rub it in every other time, so they still win in the end.

5 Jeans Vs. Shirts

Joker jeans meme

This is true beyond belief. Some only own one or two pairs of jeans, and a few among those opt to never throw them into a washer. Methods exist of cleaning them without using a machine, like putting them in a freezer to kill bacteria, but one can get away with wearing them for months at a time.

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Shirts, on the other hand, are more likely to cause a ruckus if worn too many times within a week. To be fair, one does start stinking up the place quicker with a dirty shirt than with a dirty pair of jeans.

4 So That's How It Happened

Joker Meme want to know how I got these scars

Various theories exist on how The Dark Knight's Joker came to be. Some say he was a veteran, but smart money would go to the above description. Kids are liable to hurt themselves when ripping one of these bad boys open with their teeth. As painful as this is, most are nostalgic for the time when this is what "cracking open a cold one with the boys" meant. Beer is fine and all, but nothing alleviates summer heat like taking one of these out of the freezer.

3 Running Away From Problems

Joker Running Away From Your Problems Meme

Joker does his fair share of walking and running in his movie. Perhaps that's how he's able to keep such a thin frame. It's amazing how fast and far one can run when their mind and will are focused. Most people, for example, could run marathons in record time if their problems were following close behind. This meme may be funny, but in all seriousness, one has to find healthy methods of facing their problems head on. There's no shame in finding help or confiding in a close friend or family member.

2 Poor Jared

Joker Jared Leto Meme

It's easy to make fun of Jared Leto for his portrayal of Joker. Perhaps the jokes wouldn't be enticing if his role wasn't hyped up with stories regarding his method acting during Suicide Squad's production. The actor must have felt pretty sore himself after Joker's announcement and eventual release. He shouldn't feel too down, though. Leto is still an incredibly talented actor who has been in some great movies. He has certainly accomplished more in film and music than most of his vocal critics have in their respective fields.

1 This Crossover Needs To Happen

Joker Crossover meme

Sure, Tobey Maguire dances in a comic book movie and it is considered one of the worst ones ever made, but Joaquin Phoenix does it and it is hailed as a masterpiece. All in all, people are way too hard on Spider-Man 3. It is probably the weakest of the Raimi trilogy, but it is still wildly entertaining to watch, if admittedly a tad too long. Additionally, at least Peter Parker is not dancing along to Gary Glitter, who is currently serving a prison sentence after committing unspeakable crimes against minors. Fortunately, the singer will receive no money from his music's usage in the film.

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