DC Debuts Their Answer To The Fantastic Four

DC Comics' answer to the Fantastic Four has finally arrived, with The Terrifics #1 setting the stage for a new age of heroes. While Marvel is relaunching their comics yet again, DC is still building off of their Rebirth reset. The new initiative has seen a number of returns to the status quo, but also some exciting developments in the past year alone. Brian Michael Bendis will soon write Superman in a variety of stories. Meanwhile, the DC Universe is still dealing with the fallout of Dark Knights: Metal.

The big event brought about the rise of the Dark Multiverse in the comics, which mostly lead to evil versions of Batman coming out of the woodwork and using the abilities of other key Justice League members. But as the major publishers usually do following a big event, Metal has also opened the door for a group of new heroes and books. Called 'The New Age of Heroes,' DC's latest push is giving a batch of fresh faces their own runs. And the most exciting of all maybe its newest team: The Terrifics.

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The Terrifics #1, written by Ivan Reis and Jeff Lemire, picks up wth Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific, following his adventures in the Dark Multiverse. Along for the ride is the strange egg form of Plastic Man, who has yet to come out of his repose since being exposed to the energies of the new universe. Terrific's mission takes him to Simon Stagg, who's using old TerrificTech to open a gateway to the Dark Multiverse. The result of the misguided effort, however, leads to Plastic Man returning and teaming with Terrific, Metamorpho, and Phantom Girl.

Marvel has sidelined the Fantastic Four for years, with rumors that the effort is tied to Fox owning the film rights to the characters. Of course, that hasn't stopped multiple Deadpool and X-Men books and events from emerging, so it's more likely Marvel's claims that the team just doesn't sell well is the reason. Last year, we saw a tease of the return of the Fantastic Four in Legacy #1, and Human Torch and Thing have been starring in their own book. Still, it seems DC thought the time was right for their own group.

DC and Marvel have ripped each other off for decades, in what's become an almost playful game at this point. Interestingly, however, Marvel's once-popular Fantastic Four have never really had an analogue. The Terrifics changes that by matching the genius Mr. Terrific with the stretchy and youthful Plastic Man (merging both Reed Richards and Johnny Storm), the Thing-like Metamorpho, and Phantom Girl, who has the phasing powers that make her quite similar to Invisible Woman.

Naturally, there's the key difference that the team aren't all family and weren't given powers by the same incident, but The Terrifics looks to deliver some of the science-based adventures that Fantastic Four long excelled at. There's even a nod to Galactus in the book, so expect a lot more fun nods in the months to come.

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The Terrifics #1 is available now from DC and comic book retailers.

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