10 Best DC Comics Cosplays From SDCC 2019

One of the best things about any San Diego Comic Con event has to be seeing the large majority of a major fandom uniting to showcase their love and passion for that same fandom. SDCC 2019 was no different, as fans around the world came together to showcase through cosplay their love for DC Comics.

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Whether you love the films, the shows, or the comics themselves, DC Comics is a major factor of any Comic Con, let alone SDCC 2019. Cosplay is one of the best ways to showcase that fandom, so let’s look at the ten best DC cosplays.

10 The Joker

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One of the first cosplays that needs to be mentioned in this list has to be The Joker. The iconic and fan favorite villain of the DC Universe is notorious in both film and comics alike. Whether you love Mark Hamill’s iconic voice acting on the hit Batman Animated Show or his many shocking moments from the comics, the Joker is a staple of the DC Universe.

This cosplayer brought a very specific version of the Clown Prince of Crime to life at SDCC 2019, showing off actor Jared Leto’s version of the character from the DCEU film Suicide Squad.

9 Harley Quinn

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Following in the Joker’s footsteps but still establishing herself as an iconic villain/anti-hero in her own right is none other than Harley Quinn. The former psychiatrist turned love interest of the Joker, who later broke free of his grip on her life and became an anti-hero herself, is a fan favorite to cosplay as at any comic based event.

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As with the previous entry, this cosplayer decided to bring Harley Quinn’s look from the DCEU film Suicide Squad to life, showcasing Margot Robbie’s iconic turn as the anti-hero. This cosplayer does justice to the role wholeheartedly.

8 Wonder Woman, Supergirl, & Superman

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Three of the strongest heroes of the DC Universe are next on this list, as these cosplayers decided to bring Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Superman to life. These are three of the heavy hitters of the power scale in the DC Universe, with Wonder Woman being the Amazon warrior and half-god hero and Supergirl and Superman being cousins and two of the last survivors of an alien world known as Krypton.

The cosplayers hero unite the three heroes and highlight the connection between the three, as Superman and Wonder Woman both have mentored or trained Supergirl at various times.

7 Raven

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A truly fantastic display of fandom in the DC Universe at San Diego Comic Con 2019 was when this cosplayer showcased the power and iconic look of Teen Titans member Raven. The half-human/half-demonic daughter of the demonic entity Trigon is one of the Titans most powerful members and heroes, often battling her father and other powerful foes with her team.

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This cosplayer took Raven’s iconic look to new heights, even managing to draw comparisons to her look from the hit animated show version of Teen Titans. The key to this look is the power blasts she’s emitting.

6 Catwoman

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This next cosplayer brought one of Batman’s most iconic romantic interests/villains/anti-hero allies to life in an amazing way, and that character is none other than Catwoman. Also known as Selina Kyle, Catwoman is a master thief and skilled fighter, who led Batman on many chases that turned romantic.

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She’s also come face to face with Batman villains like The Penguin, Two-Face and The Joker, most recently in the highly acclaimed story of Batman and Catwoman’s attempt to get married. The cosplayer perfectly captures the mystery and power of Catwoman that has made her a DC staple.

5 Ocean Master

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A classic character that has recently seen a spike in popularity thanks to his DCEU appearance has to be Ocean Master. Also known as Prince Orm, the half-brother of Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, is a well known villain in Aquaman and DC lore. Believing himself the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, he has often come into conflict with his half-brother and the wider DC Universe.

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Recently appearing in Aquaman’s solo film and portrayed by Patrick Wilson, Orm appears in this amazing cosplay at SDCC 2019, complete with the mask and armor of the very powerful villain.

4 Batgirl & Joker

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While the Joker has already appeared in this list, this next cosplay was so good that it had to be included. The cosplay is an iconic look and take on the popular Batman comic book storyline known as The Killing Joke, which featured the Joker attacking and paralyzing Barbara Gordon, who at the time was Batgirl.

Capturing the bizarre outfit worn by the Joker when he appeared at Barbara Gordon’s home, we see these cosplayers rocking the looks of both characters from the comic book and film, including Batgirl’s iconic armor and look before she was attacked by the Joker.

3 Green Arrow

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Especially popular this year with the character’s show ending in its eight season, this cosplayer brought none other than Green Arrow to life. Otherwise known as Oliver Queen, a former billionaire playboy who was marooned on an island, learned to survive and changed his ways to fight injustice and protect his city as an archer, Green Arrow has risen in popularity since the beginning of the Arrowverse, starring on his own show Arrow.

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With the show’s final season coming soon, this cosplayer perfectly captured the hero’s iconic green hood and archer outfit, complete with a bow and arrow weapon combo.

2 Bat-Family

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Aside from Bruce Wayne’s iconic journey as Batman, one of the things that makes Batman so memorable is the inclusion of the Bat-Family. The name given to the allies of Batman who are inspired by his example to fight crime, these cosplayers brought four of the Bat-Family members to life.

This photo showcases cosplayers portraying Batgirl, Robin, Red Robin and Red Hood respectively. The two Robins are definitely distinctive, as Red Robin has been a mantle used by all of the Robins at one point, while Robin is most likely Damian Wayne in this case, the Batman’s son.

1 The Bat Who Laughs

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In the last couple of years, one of the most iconic characters to appear in the DC Universe and one of the more terrifying villains has to be The Bat Who Laughs. An alternate universe version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who appeared during the Dark Nights: Metal storyline, this Batman was infected by the Joker’s blood and gained his madness, but retained his intellect as Batman, making him nearly unstoppable as a vicious villain.

This cosplayer brought this terrifying villain to life perfectly, and even managed to include an animalistic and monstrous Robin that was in the comics.

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