15All-Star Batman and Robin

All Star Batman and Robin

Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin is so strange it almost defies description, but we'll give it a go. We've covered some of the comic's craziest details before, whether it's the part where Black Canary and Batman get it on because the former got all hot and heavy

watching him murder people, or the bit where young Dick Grayson is forced to eat rats by his new mentor/father figure. Then there's the whole "I'm the goddamn Batman" debacle.

The Dark Knight is not only completely unlikable, but borderline insane in this comic. It’s completely perplexing why a) he is considered a hero at all and b) how he hasn’t just died from sheer stupidity. Miller’s only real justification for his completely off-putting Bats is that a man who dressed up to fight crime should be a little deranged. It's a fair point, but All-Star's Bruce crosses the line from unstable to unbearable.

Miller has also stated that the world of All-Star Batman and Robin takes place in the same continuity as his very well-received The Dark Knight Returns. (Apparently, this is a prequel.) If nothing else, the Caped Crusader's behavior in this arc explains why he is completely alone and miserable by the time that beloved comic rolls around. It explains virtually nothing else that happens, however.

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