DC's Best Graphic Novels Re-Releasing Under Black Label


Some of DC Comics' most iconic and classic graphic novels are getting new life with the DC Black Label imprint as the company plans on republishing some of its older bestselling titles under the Black Label title.

DC announced the launch of its Black Label line earlier this year, hoping to recreate the magic of some the company's darker tales that aren't necessarily part of DC Comics canon. The comics publisher hopes it can release new titles that will re-imagine the world in the vein of classics such as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. The Black Label line has already proven controversial, though, since there was some blowback from Batman: Damned, in which Bruce Wayne appears totally naked. Several panels featured full frontal nudity, something some comic book readers found offensive. DC eventually censored those panels after the book's release and then referred to it as a mistake.

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However, DC Comics remains committed to its Black Label line and recently announced it has plans to bring some its best classic graphic novels to the imprint. These titles include some of the most beloved stories of all time, including All-Star Superman, Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: Year 100, Superman: Red Son and more. DC publisher Dan Didio said:

“The DC Black Label line will house the best and most evergreen stories from DC. The company has a long history that includes some of the most recognizable and renowned storytelling in comics and we want to honor that history by putting them under one banner.”

DC also plans on continuing to publish new original stories for its Black Label line, including more issues of Batman: Damned, along with new series that include Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Frank Miller's Superman: Year One, and John Ridley’s The Other History of the DC Universe. DC will also release Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Phil Jimenez, along with Wonder Woman: Diana's Daughter by writer Greg Rucka.

The addition of reprinting of some of the best stories to ever come out of comic books, such as Kingdom Come and Batman: The Killing Joke, is just icing on top of the DC Black Label cake. It's a good chance to allow comic book fans to revisit those stories with brand new editions, but it also introduces some of DC's best stories to new audiences who aren't familiar with some of the more classic titles.

DC Comics plans on going for broke this year. It also recently launched its own streaming subscription service, DC Universe, which features original TV shows based on some of its characters, including Titans. That service also allows subscribers access to much of DC Comics library of comic books and graphic novels.

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