Aquaman & Suicide Squad's Top Women Are DC's New Power Couple

Warning: SPOILERS For Aquaman #40

Atlantis has risen, Mera is Queen... and the new ruler of Atlantis makes an interesting new ally in this week's Aquaman, as she and Amanda Waller come to an... understanding. In recent months, DC Comics has seen some major changes for the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. A civil war led to Aquaman's removal as King, and Queen Mera has now taken the throne as current ruler of Atlantis.

Needless to say, the fact that Atlantis has risen to the ocean's surface (thanks to magic) means things are changing for Atlantis and the US Government. Atlantis is an incredibly powerful kingdom, and the emergence of such a superpower off the shore of America is making government officials nervous. So nervous, in fact, that some are calling for Task Force X to smash it back into the water. What better time for Mera and Amanda Waller - two women on thrones of their own making - to forge an alliance?

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In recent issues of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller seemed to willingly take the mission forced upon her: to send Task Force X under the waves to plant a bomb that would sink Atlantis once more.. But when the plan goes off the rails, readers learn that Waller's plan was far more devious than it first seemed, and that she and Mera may be teaming up in future.

In Aquaman #40, Aquaman teams up with the Suicide Squad to stop the bomb that Waller gave Task Force X, after realizing it wouldn't sink Atlantis - just destroy it. The bomb was dealt with (killing a heroic member of the Suicide Squad in the process), but that still left Mera with the problem of the Squad... after all, they did come there to sink her kingdom. However, Harley Quinn manages to save the day, revealing that Waller had given her a second assignment: to deliver a recording to the Queen, revealing the real culprits in the US military.

Of course, as Mera is an incredibly intelligent ruler, she seeks out Amanda Waller after the situation has been defused to talk about Waller's complicated plan. Immediately, Mera realizes that Waller had her own reasons for wanting the Admiral out of the way (not just to save Atlantis from war), and that this situation was manipulated by Waller to get the outcome she needed. Once again, Waller has proven herself a master manipulator - and while Mera isn't quite sure what to make of her, she recognizes a useful ally now that Atlantis is above the surface, and the two end the issue with promises to continue talking in future.

Waller and Mera will no doubt be an interesting team-up in the DC Universe: both incredibly powerful and intelligent women, this may be a beneficial situation for all involved (except those who cross them). However, Mera has a much stronger sense of justice and honor than Waller. But even if Waller has her own reasons for keeping Mera as an ally, the rising tensions between Atlantis and the United States makes this partnership a potentially powerful one. Especially if it means more crossovers between Suicide Squad and Aquaman in future!

Aquaman #40 is available now from DC Comics.

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