DC's Trinity Face Evil Magic in WARLORD Crossover

The heroes of Dc's Trinity are no match for the magic of the Warlord world of Skartaris. Well, they're technically JUST a match, having spent the last two issues battling the lizard people and demonic forces of Deimos in the world created by Mike Grell in 1975. Most younger comics fans may have no existing knowledge of Travis Morgan, The Warlord, his daughter Jennifer, or their enemy Deimos. But the blend of modern DC and classic swords and sorcery fantasy was a hit in its day - and its return to the new Rebirth canon is a treat for fans. Less so for Batman, Superman, and wonder Woman... who have been aged to near-death by the magic of the mystical realm of Skartaris.

That was the cliffhanger of Trinity #18, when the three heroes finally managed to fight their way to the defenses of what they were told were the 'good guys' of this strange realm. Being pulled through a portal into Skartaris contained within Earth itself, it's been a battle from the moment they arrived. Superman without his powers due to magic, Wonder woman blinded by the same, and Batman... well, seriously unhappy about every part of this story. In our exclusive preview of Trinity #19, the heroes finally learn how they're going to win the day and escape back to the DCU.

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These early pages thankfully confirm that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will have their youth restored (thankfully, since we got enough of old and shriveling Batman in METAL). They also learn that their troubles in battle are the plotting of Jennifer Morgan, the powerful sorcerer and daughter of The Warlord. And according to this story, the new ruler of Skartaris.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

The issue also sheds some light on the framing device used for this story, with Diana, Bruce, and Kal all explaining the tale in a post-mission debrief. A debrief being given to Steve Trevor of ARGUS. Is it a sign that Travis Morgan is being fully folded into the DC continuity post-Rebirth? Or does ARGUS have some other reason for being so concerned with Skartaris? Those questions will be answered eventually, but for now, fans have some epic action to look forward to.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

TRINITY (2018) #19

Published: March 14, 2018

Writer: James Robinson

Art: Patrick Zircher, Gabe Eltaeb

Cover Artist: Guillem March

Variant Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz

"“No Home for you Here” part three! War has erupted on Skartaris, and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are caught in the middle and fighting for their very survival! As Deimos’ army lays siege to Shamballah, Jennifer Morgan reveals the core of the conflict to the Trinity: control of time itself! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion that will leave the fate of one of the closest confidants of our heroes in deadly question!"

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Trinity #19 is available on March 14, 2018 from DC Comics.

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