DC: 7 Fresh New Faces Making Their Way To TV & Movie Screens This Year

Stargirl and STRIPE

The DC Universe is poised to welcome some new (and familiar) faces to television and film in 2019. Whether it's the cinematic DCEU, the popular CW Arrowverseor the burgeoning DC Universe platform, there's something new for everybody. A few will make their debut on existing shows, while others will have their own standalone features. Given how hard it can be to keep track of what's coming out and who's on what show, it makes sense to simplify and condense it. Here is a list of all the new DC characters coming to shows and movies this year!

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7 Swamp Thing

If you're looking for a big, strong, green man who has the mind of a brilliant scientist trapped inside of him after a bomb explosion goes wrong...then clearly you're referring to Swamp Thing. Created in 1971 by Len Stein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing is created when scientist Alec Holland is caught in an explosion while working on a bio-restorative chemical. He falls into the nearby swamp, which results in him turning into Swamp Thing. The character has bounced back and forth between DC Comics and their Vertigo Comics imprint, before coming back to the fold during the Brightest Day storyline in 2010.

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Swamp Thing is set to debut some time in 2019; no official airdate or trailer has emerged yet. Even though the show is set to air on the DC Universe platform, it will be a standalone series, not connected with Titans or Doom Patrol. Whether that changes as time goes on remains to be seen. For now, we'll see how the Green Man does in his show once more information starts coming in.

6 Stargirl And The JSA

Stargirl and STRIPE

Stargirl is an anomaly for the list, as the character has appeared in the Arrowverse via season two of Legends of Tomorrow. However, the Stargirl we'll be seeing on DC Universe is a separate version of that character, played now by Brec Bassinger. Stargirl (real name Courtney Whitmore) is a consistent rostered member of the Justice Society of America, wielding the cosmic staff of Starman. With it, she possesses the power of flight, can create energy rays and project forcefields, and is capable of withstanding immense blows and energy blasts. Despite her age, she is considered a capable and determined hero, going on to mentor and train a younger generation of heroes.

The show will release on DC Universe in August 2019. The show will revolve around Courtney finding former members of the Justice Society of America and having the group eventually reform to fight crime. She'll be joined by multiple DC Comics characters such as the heroes STRIPE, Starman, Wildcat, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite. JSA villains Tigress, Sportsmaster, and Dragon King are confirmed to be on the show as well. No mention has been made yet if the show will take place in the same continuity as Titans or Doom Patrol.

5 Lobo

Stay calm, everyone; The Main Man is here to save the day... Or possibly make things worse. The alien bounty hunter and frequent foe to Superman is the last of his race, having committed genocide and wiped out his race for fun. He enjoys fighting and killing above all else, and is almost impossible to keep down in a fight. He will often relentlessly pursue his bounties, only giving in if someone manages to beat him using a clause in the written agreement for the contract. Brash and arrogant, when he comes into town it's bad news.

Lobo will be appearing in his first ever live-action role on season two of Syfy's Krypton. Lobo will be played by Emmett J. Scanlan, and is touted to be the season's villain. No information has been released about what kind of role he might play or for how many episodes. It has also not been stated when the second season will air, just sometime in 2019. When it comes to Lobo, however, nothing can keep him waiting for long.

4 Shazam

Shazam Zachary Levi Set Photo

Using the Wisdom of Solomon, the DCEU is bringing over Shazam to his first live-action role. While the hero Shazam will be played by Zachary Levi, the true character is Billy Batson, a 14-year-old orphan. When Billy is suddenly bestowed powers by the ancient wizard Shazam, merely saying his name will turn him into the hero Shazam. Possessing the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, powers of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury, Shazam is a force to be reckoned with.

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The film takes place two years after the events of Justice League. The film will show Billy (played by Asher Angel) gaining his powers and fighting off Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, who covets Shazam's powers and wants them for his own. Infamous Shazam villain Black Adam was supposed to appear in the film, but is instead appearing in a separate solo project to air sometime in the near future.

3 Watchmen

Watchmen hallway scene

Who watches the Watchmen? Well, hopefully you when it comes out on HBO later this year. Based on the infamously popular graphic novel series, the show is being helmed by Lost's Damon Lindelof and will feature the talents of composer Trent Reznor and Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias. Showing a world where the Cold War was stymied by the arrival of super heroes, the Alan Moore comic series presents a dark introspective look on the ultimate good of vigilante heroism. It has received numerous praise over the years, and inspired a film in 2009 from director Zac Snyder.

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The HBO series will receive a full 13 episode run and has been described as a semi-sequel of sorts. What that implies for the show is interesting, and very little details illuminating what that means have been provided. Beyond Irons' casting as Ozymandias, none of the confirmed cast so far have been given character names yet. We will have to wait and see, and hope the Doomsday Clock doesn't tick over to 12 in the meantime.

2 Batwoman


Adding itself to the Arrowverse with her own show is Batwoman, featuring Ruby Rose as Kate Kane. Batwoman was introduced in the Elseworlds crossover event in December of last year, establishing Batman and Gotham into the Arrowverse canon for the first time. While we saw little of her in the event, it was enough for the show to get picked up by the CW shortly after her appearance.

The show will take place in a Gotham that has been without Batman for three years. Kate Kane is Bruce Wayne's cousin and has been holding down the fort as CEO of Wayne Enterprise's since his absence. She has also taken on the identity of Batwoman to fight crime in his absence. We do not know yet whether she was trained by Bruce or if she has retained the military training she receives in the comics. Regardless, it is an exciting step towards having the entire DC Comics roster enter the Arrowverse.

1 Superboy And Krypto

Titans Season 1 Finale Superboy

At the end of Titans first season, we were given a post-credits scene that set up Superboy and Krypto to appear in the second season of the show. After escaping from a lab and seemingly murdering the scientists who kept him there, a shadowy nude man breaks open a cage with his bare hands. Inside is a dog, whose eyes glow red before following the figure out.

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As it stands, there is currently no information of who could be playing Superboy, or when we can expect to see him in the show. There have been hints as to who it might be, but so far nothing has been confirmed. Given that the second season is also rumored to follow the Judas Contract storyline, it might be a while before we fully see what happened with Superboy and Krypto after their breakout.

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