15Shazam/Billy Batson

The superhero formally known as Captain Marvel is due for his time on the big screen. It may be difficult to explain to audiences how little Billy Batson inherited his powers from an old wizard but hey, why not try in Justice League.

DC and Warner Bros. have had a

href="">Shazam movie in the works for quite some time. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is attached to play the villainous Black Adam but, the movie is still searching for its lead actor.

Justice League could've afforded DC/Warner Bros. a great opportunity to showcase Shazam and tie him into the extended DCU before giving him his long awaited solo film. Shazam would also be a worthy replacement to Superman, if Supes is indeed "dead" (yeah, right).

Shazam and Superman have a history in the comics that could potentially translate very well on screen. They've tangled with each other on a number of occasions, just imagine them duking it out in the movie. We'll likely have to keep imagining it for some time.

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