15 DC Characters Who WON'T Be In Justice League (But Should Be)

The highly successful Wonder Woman movie by DC and Warner Bros. was a smash with fans and critics alike. Luckily audiences won't have to wait long to see her again, with Justice League scheduled for release in November of this year. The Amazon warrior princess will be one of six members on the team. The curious thing about that, is that there are only six members. There were initially seven members in the beginning of Justice League's comic book formation. Sometimes more than seven, but seldom fewer. Even Marvel's Avengers movie featured seven members. So why the change?

There hasn't really been an explanation, but fans might look at the current roster on the big screen and start to wonder who's missing. Make no mistake, there's a tremendous amount of expectation from the Justice League film. Fans want to love this film. Fans are protective of these characters and their universes, which means that they'll have strong expectations about who should or shouldn't be in the movie.

It can be a daunting task for any studio willing to make a movie featuring characters with more than 70 years of comic book history behind them. It's impossible to include everyone's favorite character so naturally, there will be some omissions.

Keeping this in mind, let's dive in and point out the 15 DC Characters Who WON'T Be In Justice League (But Should Be).

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15 Shazam/Billy Batson

The superhero formally known as Captain Marvel is due for his time on the big screen. It may be difficult to explain to audiences how little Billy Batson inherited his powers from an old wizard but hey, why not try in Justice League.

DC and Warner Bros. have had a Shazam movie in the works for quite some time. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is attached to play the villainous Black Adam but, the movie is still searching for its lead actor.

Justice League could've afforded DC/Warner Bros. a great opportunity to showcase Shazam and tie him into the extended DCU before giving him his long awaited solo film. Shazam would also be a worthy replacement to Superman, if Supes is indeed "dead" (yeah, right).

Shazam and Superman have a history in the comics that could potentially translate very well on screen. They've tangled with each other on a number of occasions, just imagine them duking it out in the movie. We'll likely have to keep imagining it for some time.

14 Snapper Carr

Casual fans may not be as familiar with this ordinary civilian but, Snapper Carr has a long history with the Justice League, going as far back as the League's inception.

He played an integral role in helping to defeat the Justice League's first major threat. Since that famed first time, Snapper has become more of a JLA mascot rather than a crime fighter. Snapper Carr was often the eyes and ears of the readers, giving them a normal set of eyes to live through the fantastical events they were reading about.

Snapper has made appearances in Justice League Unlimited and most recently Young Justice. In those versions he was reinvented as a news reporter and a school teacher.

It'd be nice to see Snapper Carr in the Justice League movie even in a small cameo role. A character that is as obscure as this is likely to fall by the wayside in a big budget superhero movie.

13 Starro

Snapper Carr helped to defeat the very next character on the list: Starro. Starro is a giant alien starfish with the ability to clone smaller versions of himself and use them for mind control. It sounds complicated but it's really not; outlandish perhaps, but not that complicated.

Nicknamed the conqueror, Starro has manged to take over various parts of the cosmos thanks to his immense size and power.

Cobi is the modern re-imagining of Starro, who bears a slight resemblance to Steppenwolf (the main villain in the upcoming Justice League movie). Starro has the notoriety of being the first major villain the Justice League ever faced.

Perhaps Starro would've been a more appropriate first villain for the League to face off against rather than starting right off with Darkseid and his world.

12 Lobo

Nicknamed the Main Man, Lobo is an intergalactic bounty hunter who is DC's version of Deadpool, although Lobo came out in the '80s, just before Deadpool.

He's loud, crass, and absolutely awesome. He takes any job if the price is right, so having him contracted by Darkseid would be an interesting way of bringing him in to the DC universe. Lobo has also went a few rounds with the Man of Steel. Lobo, not used to being on the receiving end of a fight, seems to always want to tangle with Superman, even if they're on the same side.

Lobo's unique personality would've been the perfect tonic to quell the fears that DC movies are too serious. Maybe Lobo's satirical humor was just a bit too controversial to include him in Justice League.

11 Amanda Waller

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

Fans should already be familiar with Amanda Waller thanks to Viola Davis's portrayal of her in the Suicide Squad movie. A lot of fans tend to forget that Amanda Waller also appeared in 2011's Green Lantern movie, played by Angela Bassett. But really, who could blame them for forgetting Green Lantern.

Waller has had a long history with the Justice League, both in comics and on the small screen. She's constantly keeping tabs on the team to make sure they are kept in check. She's even assisted them from time to time.

Suicide Squad's after-credits scene already showed Amanda Waller meeting with Bruce Wayne, and the topic of the Justice League did come up. Having Waller in the movie would make thematic sense and also help to further show continuity between all of DC's films.

10 The Atom

Atom Legends of Tomorrow Poster

The Atom/Dr. Ray Palmer has become a more recognizable character to casual fans thanks to CW's Legends of Tomorrow so having him in the movie, or even be part of the team shouldn't be too jarring.

He would be an interesting choice as the elusive seventh member of the team. The filmmakers wouldn't necessarily have to use Ray Palmer as the Atom, either. Ryan Choi has taken the mantle of the Atom as well.

Of course, it might make more sense to start with the original Atom first, but if Marvel can do it with Ant-Man then surely DC can do the same.

Comic book history is also on the Atom's side when it comes to arguing for his inclusion in the film. The Atom was recruited in the 1960's as a full time member of the Justice League, only the second hero to join the team after the original seven.

9 The Phantom Stranger

The mysterious mystical character known as Phantom Stranger made his debut in the Justice League in the 1970s. The Phantom Stranger's true origin is unknown. Not even he fully knows himself.

The Stranger seems to be an immortal who's seen it all. He often tries to assist humanity without directly interfering. He usually warns the Justice League of any impending doom.

Having a character that can transcend time and space could've helped to elaborate on that nightmarish dream sequence Bruce Wayne had in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Having the Phantom Stranger could've also been a nice opportunity to introduce some of the magical elements that exist in the dark corners of the DC universe. It would've been a nice preview into Justice League Dark, which is set to have its own film in the future.

8 Metron

Since the Justice League is already introducing the New Gods thanks to the inclusion of the villain Steppenwolf, why not include another New God: Metron?

Often just a passive observer, Metron travels the cosmos in his Mobius Chair in search of knowledge. Jack Kirby created the New Gods and this year marks the 100th birthday anniversary of the legendary comic book creator.

Metron could also help to shed some light on the possible apocalyptic world that is to come. He might even make more sense than having the Phantom Stranger in the movie, due to his direct connection to the New Gods. During the Darkseid War story line, Batman takes over Metron's chair in an effort to acquire useful knowledge for the team's current predicament. Batman gets an overload of information, including a clue to the Joker's true identity.

7 Desaad

Desaad is yet another New God, and Darkseid's right hand man. Named as an homage to the Marquis de Sade, his main role is that of Darkseid's master torturer, but he's involved in nearly everything that goes on in Apokolips. He's almost like Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, but perhaps not as cunning.

It seems that Justice League is moving forward with Darkseid as the main villain in future films, so getting a glimpse at Darksied's loyal lackey would only help to cement that. Having him give the order to Steppenwolf to invade earth would also fit quite nicely.

It's entirely possible that Dessad may inevitably end up  popping up in the movie anyway but it seems unlikely.

6 Hawkman

Hawman, AKA Kartar Hol/Carter Hall, has a long and convoluted comic book history. He's a great character but DC's never been able to use him as effectively as they should have. This is probably a big reason why the filmmakers didn't include him on the team or in the movie.

CW's Legends of Tomorrow and Smallville have both had live-action representations of the winged hero, but none of them really captured the character well. Hawkman joined the League in the 1960s, just after his pal the Atom and an Emerald Archer that is featured next on our list.

Introducing Hawkman's home world of Thanagar could be an intriguing compliment to Darkseid's planet, Apokolips. Perhaps balancing all of these elements plus the forming of the League may have been too much. Or perhaps Hawkman is too much of a badass and thus would clash with the other badass, Aquaman.

5 Green Arrow

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

Speaking of Emerald Archer, we get to Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. Good ol' Ollie is at the height of his popularity right now. CW's Arrow, for better or for worse, has made him a household name. It makes perfect sense to introduce him on the big screen and perhaps give fans a truer representation of the comic book version.

In the comics, Green Arrow's addition to the Justice League was a breath of fresh air. His combative nature coupled with his strong opinions, made for some wonderful conflict between him and the other characters.

Contrary to his depiction in Arrow, Ollie does have a sense of humor. Flash can't be the only source of levity in the Justice League movie. Why not give Batman a break and let Green Arrow bicker away with Flash? Either way, it hopefully won't be long before we see Green Arrow's transition to the big screen.

4 Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl's inclusion may be even more desired than Hawkman's thanks to her fabulous portrayal in the fan-favorite Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series. She really came into her own and felt like she had always been on the team. Like Hawkman, she has had a few different incarnations, but Shiera Hol has arguably been the best of them all.

Hawkgirl has had held her own comic series, which only backs up the claim that fans love her and want to read and see more of Hawkgirl's adventures. It also would've been nice to having another flying character to go along with Superman, since Wonder Woman has yet to fly. Who knows: the world of Thanagar may still play a vital role in the Justice League movies!

3 John Stewart

Not having a Green Lantern in the movie is a noticeable absence in the roster, and like Hawkgirl, John Stewart became synonymous with the JLA thanks to the animated series. For many fans, he is their Green Lantern. Casual fans of the show didn't even know there was another person as Green Lantern before John Stewart.

John Stewart is a former U.S. marine and the second human chosen to wield the Green Lantern ring. Since then John Stewart has become a fan favorite for comic readers.

It's extremely disappointing not to see any Green Lantern representation in Justice League but Warner Bros. and DC are promising that the Green Lantern Corps will be well represented once the movie of the same name comes out in 2020.

2 Hal Jordan

You can't talk about the Green Lantern Corps without bringing up the first champion for earth: Hal Jordan. He was also one of the core founding members of the Justice League when they first formed. Suffice it to say, he's a legend of the Corps and the League.

How could Warner Bros. and DC not include any member of the Green Lantern Corps, let alone Hal Jordan? It's very perplexing and one can only suspect that the reasoning was out of fear. 2011's Green Lantern was huge failure for Warner Bros and they may think that audiences have still not forgiven them for that misstep.

But comics fans still love Hal Jordan and have been vocal about him being included in the film. Maybe we'll get a cameo of some sort, but don't bet on much until Green Lantern Corps in 2020.

1 Martian Manhunter

J'onn J'onzz, AKA Martian Manhunter, is a founding member of the JLA and often considered the heart of the team. Martian Manhunter is a glaring omission from the movie. He has served with the Justice league in nearly all its incarnations, so it begs the question: why is he not in this movie? The lack of explanation is frustrating, but surely answers will come as the films come out and the universe starts to expand. Until then, we can only speculate.

As asked before at the beginning of the article: why make it a team of six? The seventh member of the team could've and should've been Martian Manhunter or Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Even any of the other heroes on our list would've at least made missing the aforementioned three, more palatable.

At least Martian Manhuner does have decent representation on TV thanks to Supergirl. On the show, Martian Manhuner has become a fan favorite but we'll have to wait for a while until we see the last son of mars in the Justice League - where he belongs.


Which long-shot character do you most want to see in Justice League? Let us know in the comments!

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