If DC Characters Were Cast Like the MCU

Aquaman Casting in DCEU and MCU

Despite both telling stories about superheroes, the DC Extended Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe have vastly different approaches to world-building, characterization, and tone. Because of this, both franchises also have different casting styles, although they both feature their fair share of A-list actors.

The MCU favors casting comedians from American television shows, British darlings, and, of course, actors named Chris (Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt). In contrast, the DCEU has been quicker to cast women and people of color in starring roles, including relatively lesser known actors (including Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa), even though it is the younger of the two franchises.

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We've previously looked at how MCU characters would be cast in the DCEU, and now it's time to go the other way: what would the DCEU look like in the style of the MCU? The casting decisions would be starkly different to fit Marvel's tone, blending humor and action to appeal to a general audience. Marvel would also be more likely to play it safe with casting and be less likely to cast unfamiliar faces.

For this imaginary casting, only actors who have not appeared in either the MCU or DCEU have been considered. This casting is not meant to be an improvement on DCEU casting so much as an experiment in imagining how the casting would change if the DCEU tried to mimic the tone of the MCU.

Batman - Kyle Chandler

DC Characters In MCU Kyle Chandler Batman

Ben Affleck's Batman was one of the most controversial castings of the DCEU, and you can bet Marvel would go something more archetypal. Kyle Chandler is best known for his work in Friday Night Lights and Bloodline, but has some major big screen credits including Super 8Manchester by the Sea, and Argo. Chandler could offer a surprisingly likable take on the brooding caped crusader, and would be the perfect person to helm a film franchise.

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Superman - Channing Tatum

DCEU Charcaters In MCU Channing Tatum Superman

Channing Tatum is a star and has illustrated time and time again that he can headline a film franchise, whether it's Magic Mike or Jump Street (although his Gambit is taking a long time to come to fruition). He's shown his range in Foxhunter, The Hateful Eight, and Hail, Caesar!, and definitely has the comedic skill and physicality to deliver on a very different Superman. He's less immediately striking as Superman than Henry Cavill, but with the right costume would fit right into a shared universe.

Wonder Woman - Alicia Vikander

DC Characters In MCU Alicia Vikander Wonder Woman

Like Brie Larson, who is slated to star in the upcoming MCU film Captain Marvel, Alicia Vikander is an Oscar award-winning actress ready to branch out into action films - and that makes her a top pick for Wonder Woman. Vikander, who recently played Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, would be an excellent choice for Diana, whether headlining a solo film or working as part of a larger ensemble cast.

The Flash - Ben Whishaw

DC Characters In MCU Ben Whishaw The Flash

Marvel is fond of hiring up-and-coming actors from England, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Tom Hiddleston, and Tom Holland. Ben Whishaw, who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Q in Daniel Craig's James Bond films, is in that same vein, and if we were to get a Flash similar to Ezra Miller would be an ideal Barry Allen.

Cyborg - John Boyega

DC Characters In MCU John Boyega Cyborg

Between Disney's Star Wars sequels and Pacific Rim UprisingJohn Boyega is the ideal action hero. Surprisingly, he hasn't appeared in either a MCU or DCEU film yet, but it just feels like a matter of time; he's had meetings with Marvel, highlighting him as the sort of actor they'd pick. As a newcomer in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he showcased his comedic timing and uncanny ability to win audiences over - signs that he'd make an amazing Cyborg in a Justice League film.

Aquaman - Garrett Hedlund

DC Characters In MCU Garrett Hedlund Aquaman

The DCEU cast Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, a brilliant decision that has helped to shift how fans think of the character. However, the MCU casting would surely go in a different direction; instead of rebranding, Marvel would embrace Aquaman as the butt of some jokes (see Ant-Man). Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy, Pan) would be a safe choice for a predictable portrayal of Arthur Curry, fitting the classic comic iteration.

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