DC's Black Adam Movie Gets Official 2021 Release Date (& First Look Art)

DC's Black Adam movie gets an official December 2021 release date, as star Dwayne Johnson releases first look art by Jim Lee and BossLogic.

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DC's Black Adam movie gets an official December 2021 release date, as star Dwayne Johnson releases first look art by Jim Lee and BossLogic. Five years ago, in the early days of the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe, Johnson confirmed his casting as Black Adam, with the original plan seeing him be introduced as a villain in the Shazam! movie. However, as production on various DCEU movies continued on, the plan changed and Black Adam was given a solo movie, with David F. Sandberg's Shazam! film utilizing a different DC villain.

There were some rumors that Black Adam would be introduced in Suicide Squad 2, but that was back before James Gunn boarded the DC sequel. Though little is known about DC's Black Adam movie, it's expected to tell the origin story of the comic book character created by writer Otto Binder and artist C. C. Beck. Now, fans have an idea of when the movie will hit theaters and what Johnson will look like in the role.

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On Instagram, Johnson unveiled a piece of first look Black Adam art created by DC's Lee and graphic artist BossLogic. Along with the image, Johnson confirmed Warner Bros. and DC Films have given Black Adam a release date of December 22, 2021. See Johnson's post and the Black Adam art below.

Previously, Johnson confirmed Black Adam will start filming in July 2020, and now we know the movie will be completed in time for this December 2021 release date. That gives Warner Bros. and the filmmakers plenty of time to get Black Adam right. It also means Warner Bros. has added a third DC movie to their slate for 2021, with Black Adam joining Matt Reeves' The Batman and Gunn's The Suicide Squad. Though Johnson doesn't give much away about his DC movie in his Instagram post, he does again compare Black Adam's powers to Superman, describing the former as a superhero like Superman, but one who's "rebellious." That offers some insight into how Black Adam will be characterized in Johnson's movie, but still doesn't reveal any of the plot or what - if any - other DC characters will appear.

Disney's Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra will helm Black Adam for Warner Bros. and DC, which means he's worked with Johnson before on the Disney film. As the Black Adam movie's production start date gets closer, fans should expect casting news to fill out the supporting players alongside Johnson. It's unclear as of yet whether Levi's Shazam will appear in Black Adam; Levi did confirm Black Adam won't be in Shazam! 2 so if the two are going to crossover, the earliest it can be is in Black Adam. However, it's likely Johnson, Collet-Serra and DC want to establish Black Adam on his own before doing a crossover. Whatever the case, fans will learn plenty more about Black Adam in the months to come - and will get to see the film for themselves in December 2021.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

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