DC Announces Batman Day to Celebrate Harley Quinn's 25th Anniversary

Harley Quinn Day DC Comics

Harley Quinn has been stealing a lot of attention lately thanks to last year’s Suicide Squad and this year’s animated Batman and Harley Quinn movie, but she’s not done yet. The character will also be stealing this year’s Batman Day. DC has announced that in honor of Harley’s 25th anniversary since she was created, Batman Day will be devoted to celebrating all things Harley.

Harley Quinn’s Batman Day Takeover will provide fans lots of opportunities to share their enjoyment of the character. For starters, there will be three new comic books to pick up for the occasion: Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1, DC Super Hero Girls Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1, and of course Harley Quinn Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1. And while fans are picking up all the comics being released for the day, they’ll have the chance to enjoy festivities happening at over 5,000 comic book shops, book stores, and libraries worldwide that are getting in on the fun. Participating locations will be giving out free copies of the three special edition issues, as well as hosting cosplay contests and other activities.

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It’s not just comic stores joining in, either. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Build-A-Bear, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Hot Topic are just a few of the locations offering their own promotions or special merchandise for the day. Besides comics, fans can also expect to see exclusive Harley Quinn masks and posters among other items being offered.

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Also, big names in the world of comics will be participating in special signings to mark the occasion. Some of the names included will be the likes of Paul Dini, Frank Miller, and Brian Azzarello.

Ever since debuting in Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn has been a popular character. Her fame really began to skyrocket after her classic jester outfit was reimagined in Batman: Arkham Asylum and she began showing more individuality outside of being the Joker’s sidekick. This led to her becoming a major part of the Suicide Squad team in the comics, as well as getting her very own comic series. After last year’s Suicide Squad movie where she was portrayed by Margot Robbie, Harley has cemented herself as a pop culture fixture thanks to many viewing her as one of the highlights of the film. Now those same fans are eagerly awaiting her return in both her untitled movie featuring her and the Joker, as well as the Gotham City Sirens movie that is being planned.

It’s pretty clear Harley has developed a huge following among the Batman fan base over her 25 years, so DC is giving everyone a chance to celebrate how far she’s come. The Dark Knight will have to take a back seat this Batman Day, because Harley is taking over.

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Harley Quinn’s Batman Day Takeover happens September 23, 2017.

Source: DC Comics

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