The 20 Most Powerful DC Artifacts, Ranked

The DC Universe is filled with some of the most powerful characters in all of comic books. From alien heroes like Superman with incredible power sets to immortal Fourth World Gods like Darkseid and Highfather, the multiverse is never at a loss for beings capable of the unimaginable.

The comics also play host to a variety of objects that are capable of making normal people extraordinary. They also make those with immense abilities ridiculously overpowered.

Since the beginning of superheroes, writers have always found a way to make their heroes and villains even stronger. It's a constant and seemingly never-ending game of one-upmanship.

We've seen powers boosted by supernatural objects that grant the holder mystical abilities, technological wonders that hold seemingly unlimited potential, and straight up machines that grant someone's every wish.

Some of these come with negative repercussions and are Faustian deals, others may be as good as they seem but dangerous in the wrong hands.

We're going to take a look at some of our favorite weapons, tools, and accessories throughout DC's storied history and see how they stack up against each other.

Here are The 20 Most Powerful DC Artifacts, Ranked.


20 The Candle Of Neron

If you who missed it, Underworld Unleashed was an underrated crossover involving just about every character in the DC Universe.

The plot involved Neron, demon-lord from Hell, trying to capture souls through various promises. Everyone from Lex Luther to the Blue Devil were sent candles from the all-powerful villain.

Once lit, they would be transported to Hell where they would bargain with the "not quite" Devil himself.

The saga saw a plethora of b-list bad guys like Major Disaster and Killer Moth and even heroes like Hawkman and the Spectre be granted a new set of abilities.

The reason why the candle is so low on this list is that, like any good deal with the devil, it came at the cost of their soul.

Fun fact: The Joker exchanged his for a box of Cuban cigars.

19 Bracelets Of Submission

DCEU Wonder Woman Joss Whedon

Like a lot of Wonder Woman's abilities, the Bracelets of Submission's origins have a wee bit of kinkiness to them.

Sure, they can deflect bullets and just about anything else thrown at her, but they also used to be her downfall. In her early days, if a man were to bound her wrists together.

That doesn't mean they aren't formidable. In later years, and in the 2017 movie, Wonder Woman is able to deliver blasts of energy or lightning when she slams the bracelets together.

Granted, Diana is incredibly impressive when it comes to deflecting projectiles with her wrist wear, but it still begs the question as to why the Amazons didn't create full sets of armor made out of the stuff.


18 The Heart Of Darkness

Justice League Eclipso Comic

The Heart of Darkness is a black diamond that was mined on the nightmarish planet of Apokolips. Inside the jewel contains the demon Eclipso.

Whoever holds the Heart of Darkness becomes possessed by the demon's spirits. Eclipso is the pure manifestation of God's wrath.

Many of history's greatest travesties can be traced back to the powerful monster. In particular, the Great Flood from the bible.

After the diamond was cut into one thousand pieces, various characters have played host to Eclipso. Under his control, the likes of the Atom's ex-wife Jean Loring, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman fell to their darker urges.

Under the demon's control, the possessed is given incredible powers like enhances strength, invulnerability and paralyzing eye beams.

17 Lasso Of Truth

Another one of Wonder Woman's primary tools, the Lasso of Truth is a mystical rope that forces anybody captured by it, to tell the truth.

Not only that, but the lariat has been shown to restore lost memories, remove hypnotizing, and had hold even the largest of foes in their place.

The lasso was forged by Hephaestus, the God of fire, making it indestructible and impervious to all harm. If used for evil, the lasso can directly harm one's soul.

Interestingly enough, the creator of the Lasso of Truth, William Moulton Marston played a prominent role in creating an early version of the lie detector. The kinky Marston denied this being the inspiration for the lasso, admitting its origin stemmed from his interest in submissive play.

16 Cosmic Treadmill

Wally West and Jay Garrick Repair the Cosmic Treadmill

For when you not only want to get your exercise in, but you also want to fix the past. The Cosmic Treadmill dates all the way back to 1961 and has been a favorite tool for just about everyone to carry the mantle of The Flash.

The device was built by Barry Allen himself and utilized his super speed and connection to the Speed Force to travel through time.

It was during one of his first adventures into the future where he encountered his greatest foe of all time, Professor Zoom.

The treadmill was even shown to grant abilities to those without super speed. When Hunter Zolomon attempted to use the machine, it exploded, removing him from the timeline and granting him the power to appear wherever and whenever he wanted.

15 Staff Of Gog

After being the sole survivor of a nuclear attack on Kansas, William Matthews believed that Superman was God. The young man became a priest who worshiped the Last Son of Krypton.

After Kal-El paid Matthews a visit to correct his beliefs, the former believer changed the narrative and saw Superman as the Anti-Christ who must be destroyed.

He was then visited by a group of cosmic immortals including Zeus, Highfather, the Wizard Shazam, and Ganthet who bestowed him with great powers and a magical staff.

With his newfound abilities, Matthews traveled back in time and kills Superman every single day, over a thousand times. His staff showed the ability he not only kills the 5th-dimensional imp, Mr. Mxyzpltk, but also the Man of Steel himself.


14 Spear Of Destiny

Hitler holding the Spear of Destiny in DC Comics

Stretching far beyond the world of comic books, the Spear of Destiny, or the Holy Lance, is said to be the weapon that pierced Jesus Christ as he was hung from a cross.

The blood of Jesus imbued the weapon with magical abilities like mind control. During DC's interpretation of World War II, Adolf Hitler wielded the totem, using it to turn anybody who opposed him into a Nazi.

One of history's oldest objects would eventually fall into the hands of one of DC's oldest villains. During Final Crisis: Revelations, the millennia-old Vandal Savage held not only the spear but also the rock which Cain used to kill Abel.

This turned Savage into the leader of the Religion of Crime who was worshiped by most vile beings on Earth.

13 Lazarus Pit

Pro: It can bring the dead back to life. Con: It renders them insane.

The Lazarus Pit is filled with an unknown mixture of chemicals that bubbles up from below the Earth and fill various caverns scattered throughout the globe.

The liquid is capable healing the sick, restoring youth, and even reviving the dead. However, upon return, the person is driven mad for a period of time.

The proverbial "Hot Tub Time Machine" for the body is a favorite spot for international terrorist Ra's al Ghul to take a quick dip in between his world domination attempts.

The Demon's Head doesn't seem to mind the mental deterioration aspect of the whole thing. Other people who have been healed by the Pit are the Riddler, Lady Shiva, Batwoman, and Jason Todd.

12 Nth Metal

Hawkman Hawkgirl Kingdom Come

Originally thought to simply be the Thangarian metal that allows heroes like Hawkman and Hawkgirl to fly, Nth Metal has proven to be much more useful.

Sure, flying rules and is a great addition to any hero's arsenal, but let's take a look at what else this sturdy element is capable of. It not only negates magic, augments powers, and absorbs energy, but it also allows its user resurrect themselves.

It's not just the Hawk-folk who have used the Nth Metal either. It's what the Legion of Super Heroes Flight Rings are partially made out of, Deathstroke fashioned a suit of armor out of it, it's also what Justice League villain Despero used to hone and grow is psionic powers.

Nth Metal currently plays a role in the DC Universe in the Dark Nights: Metal saga.

11 All-Blade

The All-Blade is a fairly new addition to the DC Universe, first appearing in Red Hood and the Outlaws #4, the mystical swords capable of fending off magic-based foes are fueled by pure evil.

The blades were originally intended to be used by the All-Caste warriors to battle the Untitled. After the entirety of the All-Caste were killed, the Red Hood, Jason Todd, possessed the blades.

Before he unlocked their true potential, the only way to activate the swords was for the holder to spill their own blood. Todd didn't seem to care, as they added power gave him a leg up on the competition.

Without these ridiculously powerful blades, Jason Todd is still one of the most adept assassins around. Giving him the tools to murder god-like beings just seems to make things unfair.


10 God Killer

Much like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, the God Killer sword was also forged by Hephaestus, the God of fire. The massive, blazing sword was given to Deathstroke when he picked up a contract to kill a Titan named Lapetus.

The weapon is immensely powerful, it can shapeshift into whatever tool of violence the holder needs. It's turned into a variety of swords, a staff, and Cat-o-Nine tails.

In addition to that, it can unleash powerful blasts, absorb any damage it takes and redirect it with greater impact.

The God Killer has been shown to be strong enough to do heavy damage to Superman. Also, since the object was created by a god, it grants whoever holds it access to Paradise Island.

The blade was also seen in the movie Wonder Woman, where the Amazon wielded the fabled sword.

9 Mother Box

Justice League Movie Mother Box

Mother Boxes are sentient computers created by legendary comic book writer Jack Kirby for his Fourth World Saga. To the residents of New Genesis and Apokolips, they are everyday devices. Pretty much the equivalent of a cell phone for us. But their sheer versatility would blow the minds of normal humans.

The boxes are capable of doing a ridiculous number of tasks. Some include creating teleporting Boom Tubes, healing the wounded, energy manipulation, control other machines and evolve them, create force fields, mind control, combine sentient beings into a more powerful one, and allow someone to breathe in space.

The Mother Boxes harness their powers from the Source, the foundation where all energy comes from within the DC Universe.

Mother Boxes played a prominent role in the Justice League film. Not only were they the mystical McGuffins Steppenwolf hunted, but one also powered the mechanical hero, Cyborg.

8 Father Box

The Father Box is a dark doppelgänger of the previously mentioned Mother Box. The paternally-named machine is like a Mother Box on steroids.

Along with sharing the laundry list of abilities that Mother Box has, Father Box can also access magic and create a silent version of the Boom Tube called a "Hush Tube." Oh, and it contains all of the knowledge the New Gods have ever assembled. That'll come in handy.

The biggest downside to this piece of otherworldly technology is that it is also used to turn its holder evil. The box was originally given to Orion, the orphaned son of Darkseid residing on New Genesis.

The Father Box's ultimate goal was to turn Orion against the New Gods and join his father's side. But hey, it's still hella powerful!

7 Mobius Chair

The Mobius Chair was originally created by The Anti-Monitor during his attempt to gain all of the knowledge in the Multiverse. The technological throne eventually wound up in the hands of Metron, a New God who oversees the battle between New Genesis and Apokolips.

Whoever is seated in the Mobius Chair is gifted with interstellar travel, enhances durability, tractor-beams that are so powerful they can move planets, and "omniscience" which is the combined knowledge of all of the New Gods.

Eventually, Batman usurped Metron as the owner of the chair.  With this power, he was able to discover the one truth that has escaped him since his early years as a crime fighter: the Joker's true name.

The chair itself was even able to withstand a blast from Dr. Manhattan. The person sitting on the Mobius Chair, however, did not.


6 Rock Of Eternity

Definite one of the largest artifacts on this list, the Rock of Eternity is the home of the Wizard Shazam. It's also one of the oldest, dating all the way back to 1947's The Marvel Family #7.

It is revealed that the Rock of Eternity is where the Marvel Family, including Captain Marvel himself, gained their awesome powers.

Despite being a seemingly family-friendly place where youthful heroes go to receive incredibly gifts, the rock has somewhat of an eerie origin. It was forged over 5,000 years ago when the Wizard combined two gigantic rock formations, one from heaven and one from hell.

The rock is also powerful enough to house the Seven Deadly Sins as well as a multitude of defeated demonic enemies. Making it somewhat of the DC Universe's Pandora's Box.

5 Radion

It should come as no surprise that a lot of the items on this list stem from the New Gods. One of the strongest attributes of the Fourth World's characters is their immortality. Well, mostly immortal. There is one element that is capable of killing a god: Radion.

In the bonkers 2008 crossover, Final Crisis, a bullet made of Radio was fired backward through time and killed Orion. This was the catalyst of Darkseid's universal domination.

It was the beginning of the Day Evil Won. Living under Darkseid's reign was so awful that it led to Batman breaking his one rule: no guns. After holding onto the same bullet that killed Orion, Batman committed deicide by shooting Darkseid.

4 Book Of Destiny

Also known as the Book of Souls of the Cosmic Log, the Book of Destiny is an all-encompassing catalog of everything that has and will happen from the dawn of creation through the end of time.

The book's owner, Destiny, was first introduced in the 1970s horror comic, Weird Mystery Tales. There, reading from his book, Destiny would introduce the forthcoming stories.

The entity eventually moved into more traditional roles crossing over with the likes of Superman and the Teen Titans.

However, Destiny is most well-known for his role in the award-winning series, The Sandman. There, he is the oldest member of the Endless. Due to being chained to a record of time itself, Destiny represents order and control.

If the book were to get into the wrong hands, it would prove disastrous since it could give the reader control of their own fate.

3 Helmet Of Fate

DC Dr Fate

Speaking of fate! The Helmet of Fate has been called the most powerful magical artifact in the entire DC Universe.

The helmet was created by the Lord of Order Nabu who also created the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. Whoever holds all three items will become the being known as Dr. Fate.

Acting as the agent of order, Dr. Fate is capable of summoning just about any magic spell imaginable, dimensional and energy manipulation, time travel, invulnerability, telekinesis, and much, much more.

Even when the helmet was melted down to create ankh-shaped darts and daggers for the extremely 1990s "Fate" (who was pretty much DC's magic version of Cable), it was still capable of fending off some of the universe's most powerful magic-based villains.


2 White Lantern Rings

Sure, we know there are nine different types of power rings throughout the DC Universe.

Since all of them capable of creating amazing solid-light constructs that are only limited by the holder's imagination they would have taken up way too many spots on this list. So, we're going to focus on the most powerful one of all: the White Lantern Ring.

Longtime Green Lantern fans might remember that Hal Jordan was punished for trying to create and control life in the Emerald Twilight saga.

Well, that's kind of the point of the White Lantern Ring. Not only do the white power rings have the ability to create the same projections as the rest of the colors on the spectrum, but they can also control life itself.

1 Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine in DC Comics

If there was ever a deus ex machina to end all deus ex machinas, it would be the Miracle Machine. The mechanism is able to manifest any hope or desire that its user possesses, no matter how big or small.

During the events of Final Crisis, Superman is able to memorize the blueprints to create his own Miracle Machine. Upon building the device, the Man of Steel uses it recreate reality itself.

This time, without Darkseid, who had gained control of existence with the Anti-Life Equation. To put it simply, the biggest threat to the Multiverse was defeated through a wish.

It's an object so powerful, with limitless potential that it has only been used a handful of times throughout history.


What's your favorite formidable tool in the DCU? Let us know in the comments!

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