All 25 DC Movies & TV Shows Coming In 2019

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Renewed for a third season after a long-running fan campaign, Young Justice: Outsiders may be the most highly anticipated animated series of 2019. Famously cancelled because it was better at attracting older viewers who appreciated its sophisticated stories than selling action figures to children, the new Young Justice season promises a dark edge, as the covert team made up of the Justice League's teen proteges begins to directly combat the problems posed by metahuman trafficking and young people with powers being sold into slavery as living weapons. Young Justice: Outsiders, which is still technically Young Justice season 3, will air exclusively on the DC Universe streaming service, with three episodes being posted every Friday, starting the first week of January 2019. The second half of the new season will release sometime in June.

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DC Reign of the Supermen animated movie

A sequel to 2018's animated movie The Death of Superman, this follow-up film from Warner Bros. Animation will continue to adapt the iconic 1992 comic book storyline which saw Superman die fighting the monstrous Doomsday. The Reign of the Supermen animated movie will focus upon four new heroes who appear after Superman's death - Steel, Superboy, the Eradicator, and the Cyborg Superman. Reign of the Supermen is scheduled for a digital release on January 15 with the DVD/Blu-Ray release coming two weeks later on January 29.


Based on the classic miniseries by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, Batman: Hush will see Batman tested by a new villain who seems to know all of his secrets and has united all of his greatest enemies. The original comic is considered one of the best Batman stories of all time and is a personal favorite of actor Kevin Conroy, who will once again return to voice both Batman and Bruce Wayne.


DC Super Hero Girls Reboot Zatanna Supergirl Wonder Woman Bumblebee Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Helmed by My Little Pony executive producer Lauren Faust, this revamp of the popular DC Super Hero Girls line will see the team streamlined down to six superheroes: Zatanna, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Bumblebee, and Batgirl. The new series will continue to present a team of teenage girls working together to fight crime, but will also see all the heroines struggling to maintain their secret identities while attending the same ordinary high school. Originally scheduled for a 2018 release, the series has been pushed back to Spring 2019 and will air on Cartoon Network.


Fatal Five from Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series

The first animated film being produced exclusively for the DC Universe streaming service, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five will see the World's Finest heroes facing off with the future's most vicious villains. The details of the story remain unclear, with it being unknown if the Justice League travels to the future of the Legion of Superheroes or if the Fatal Five travel into the past. Either way, the movie is reportedly scheduled to release this summer.

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DC Universe Harley Quinn Show Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Batman

The first original animated series being produced for DC Universe, Harley Quinn offers a decidedly adult take on the Maid of Mischief. The Harley Quinn series' first trailer promises "comedy, action and incredibly gratuitous violence," and there is little reason to doubt it. With an all-star cast of voice actors, including Alan Tudyk as the Joker and Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn herself, the upcoming animated series will be a long wait for fans of the classic Harley Quinn until the show premieres sometime in October 2019. It will presumably be the final DC Universe program to release in 2019 before Titans returns in 2020 - unless, of course, DC Universe decides to air more than one show at a time. At the moment, the streaming service is planning on premiering new series once the previous series ends, with new episodes coming every Friday. It's their way of ensuring new content all year long for DC Universe subscribers.


Wonder Woman Bloodlines Poster Cropped

Virtually nothing is known about this animated film at the moment, which is the first to star Wonder Woman in an animated film in 10 years. It is known that it will have an original story but nothing has been said so far about the story or the cast. Regardless, it is reportedly scheduled to release in October this year.

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  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
  • Joker (2019) release date: Oct 04, 2019
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