Days Gone Sold More First Week Copies in Japan Than God Of War

Days Gone

The survival horror game Days Gone has sold more copies in its first week in Japan than 2018's God of War during its first week in the same location. Days Gone was first announced at Sony's E3 2016 presentation with a trailer that teased an adventure set in the Pacific Northwest after a global pandemic nearly destroys the world and leaves much of its population as feral and mindless creatures that resemble zombies.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone features an open world that has players complete objectives, giving them multiple ways to reach their goals. Early previews of the game gave impressions of challenging gameplay with hordes of Freakers attacking at will. Players can also learn to use Freaker armies to their advantage, as well as animals affected by the virus. Days Gone had a lot of attention paid to it by console enthusiasts who were eager to note that its PS4 exclusivity could bolster the console's games library even more, but critical reception has been mixed for the title.

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Days Gone released on April 26, 2019, and, according to, the title sold 114,319 copies in its first week in Japan, beating out God Of War's first-week sales in that country, which was only at 46,091 units sold. However, Days Gone did not outsell the 2017 PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, which sold 116,997 units in its first week in Japan.

Days Gone Bike

Days Gone went through several changes before it released to the public. Early trailers and gameplay footage showcased it as having choices that would ultimately affect the game's main character. However, the final release of the game does not feature those choices as developers felt that they undermined the development of the protagonist. The title also had to deal with its infected creatures in the title, insisting that they are not zombies, but something else entirely: people and animals don't get infected through bites, but through a virus that some are immune to.

Although Days Gone got a lukewarm response from critics, it does seem that many players are enjoying the game, given its top spot on sales charts and how well it has done in Japan. It's one of those games that is probably worth the experience of playing, particularly for players who enjoy titles like The Last of Us and Dying Light.

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