Days Gone Director Has No Idea How Long It Takes To Beat The Entire Game

According to Sony Bend studio director Chris Reese, Days Gone will offer players plenty of action once it releases in 2019. Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak with one of the creative minds behind the upcoming survival game at the recent PlayStation Judge's Week event, and he spoke about how the game is so big that they don't know the total 100% playtime. "I don't know yet," said Reese. "We haven't seen anybody finish that yet [laughs]. It's big, it's a lot of time you can spend in that world."

Originally unveiled at the end of PlayStation's E3 2016 press conferenceDays Gone has seen quite a push from Sony despite it being a new property. The action game features players mowing down hundreds of zombies, and stage demos have left gamers eagerly awaiting the latest title from Sony Bend. The studio is best known for their work on Sony's handhelds, as they most recently developed Uncharted: Golden Abyss and the excellent Syphon Filter games for PlayStation Portable. They'll look to bring their expertise to a wider scale with Days Gone, which is easily the developer's most ambitious game to date.

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While the total time to complete Days Gone isn't quite known yet, Sony Bend was more than willing to talk about how long it takes to complete the main story. "So, the golden path - really, just following the main narrative path - it's coming in around 30 or 35 hours," Reese confirmed to Screen Rant. "But again, we're still in the tuning phase."

Days Gone Zombie

Considering how many major releases are competing for players' hard-earned dollars (especially from Sony's slate of first-party titles), it's always a great sign when a title features plenty of playtime. A story with 30-35 hours is already a very healthy length for a triple-A title, and the fact that completionists will be able to spend even more time within Days Gone's world shows that it is quite the value proposition for anyone on a budget.

Days Gone is currently penciled in for a vague 2019 release date, but an appearance at Sony's E3 2018 press conference could bring some further clarity as to when the PS4 exclusive will launch. Sony Bend recently teased that they'll have more news with regards to that soon, so expect to see more of the zombie shooter on when Sony holds their yearly showcase on June 11.

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Days Gone releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

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