Days Gone Was The Best-Selling Game On PlayStation Store in April

Days Gone PlayStation

There's good news for fans of Days Gone as Bend Studio's apocalyptic action-adventure game has stormed to the top of the PlayStation Store in Europe for the month of April. It seems the long-awaited zombie title is continuing its winning streak as the PlayStation 4 nears the end of its life cycle.

Taking players into the infested wilds of Oregon, Days Gone channels some serious The Walking Dead vibes as the Daryl Dixon-inspired lead goes in search of his wife. Putting the man known as Deacon up against hordes of cannibalistic monsters known as Freakers, Days Gone unfolds as a fresh take on the well-worn zombie genre.

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Despite plenty of delays and mixed reviews, Days Gone is surpassing expectations on the PlayStation Store. According to the PlayStation BlogDays Gone debuted at No.1 in Europe. That being said, there has been some stiff competition. Once again, Grand Theft Auto V continues its seemingly never-ending place in the charts and holds onto second place. Elsewhere, Saber Interactive's World War Z and NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11 both joined the charts in third and fourth place.

Days Gone Freakers Not Zombies

In other territories, Days Gone showed a strong entry but failed to claim first place. In North America, that crown goes to Mortal Kombat 11 as the brutal brawler won this round. Stereotypically, PlayStation exclusives tend to do well on the PlayStation Store, so it's no big surprise that Days Gone took the top spot. The high positions of both Days Gone and World War Z show there is still plenty of life in zombie shooters in a world that was once dominated by the likes of Resident Evil.

First announced in 2015, Days Gone was a big talking point of E3 2016 and promised to take the PlayStation 4's capabilities beyond what fans had seen before. There were some major changes over the game's production process, with the idea of decisions affecting Deacon being removed from final gameplay. Still, Days Gone cashed in on its open world mechanic and even went on to sell more copies than the critically acclaimed God of War during its first weeks of sales in Japan.

While some would argue that Bend Studio doesn't quite tick all the boxes, Days Gone is still a fun play and continues the legacy of what other zombie shooters have done before. It may not be not perfect, but Days Gone has helped fill a gap as players continue to patiently wait for the eventual arrival of The Last of Us Part 2.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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