New Daybreakers PSA Reminds You to Turn in Humans

Earlier this summer, we posted a great trailer for the upcoming modern vampire tale Daybreakers. The first time I watched the trailer was in the theater before watching The Final Destination and all I could think was “Wow, I wanna watch that instead!” How can a movie go wrong with actors like Ethan Hawke (Gattaca), Sam Neil (Event Horizon) and Willem Dafoe (John Carter of Mars)? The answer – You can’t!

Set in a (obvious) future, fictional world where vampires have just about converted every human to be a stalker of the night, Daybreakers takes the unique approach of applying modern day situations and geopolitical statements to the vampires – they are slowly running out of food (read: blood) and have begun farming humans for just their blood, think The Matrix but with plasma.

A group of humans, lead by the crossbow wielding Elvis (Dafoe), survive outside of the blood farms and while Edward (seriously? Do we need another Edward the vampire?), played by Hawke, tries to find a blood substitute, he stumbles upon a cure. Unfortunately, it would appear that not every vampire is eager to switch back, including Charles Bromely (Neil).

Check out this new video clip courtesy of MTV Movies Blog after the jump:

Daybreakers is the third film written and directed by brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, whose last film Undead was very enjoyable but underrated. Many people don’t know this but the brothers did all of the special effects for Undead themselves on their home computers. This time around though, I think they were able to splurge for something a bit more expensive.

I’m hoping we see some viral PSA style marketing for this movie as we get closer to the January release date. It’s a novel approach to think that the “vamps” no longer want to kill all the human when they feed. Kind of reminds me of how humans have a tendency to over fish the tuna population, except this time we’re the tuna.

Next up for the Spierig brothers is a remake of the classic Errol Flynn movie, Captain Blood and if Daybreakers is half as good as the trailer is, then consider me on board for that movie too.

Are you interested in watching this new take on vampire lore or are you all vamped out?

Daybreakers sinks its teeth into audiences January 8th, 2010.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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