Dawson’s Creek: 5 Reasons Joey Should Have Picked Dawson (& 5 Why Pacey Was The Right Choice)

Dawson's Creek, the TV drama which aired for six seasons, has a great love triangle. We look at whether Joey should have picked Dawson or Pacey.

Dawson's Creek wouldn't have the pathos and drama that it is famous for without the love triangle between Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, and Pacey Witter. From the pilot, it's obvious that Joey and Dawson are closer than most friends and they have such a deep shared history. It seems like the choice of who Joey should be with is obvious. But as the series progresses, Pacey becomes a top romantic contender, and fans are left with a confusing (but entertaining) love triangle.

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Let's take a look at both of these love stories. Here are 5 reasons that Joey should have picked Dawson and 5 reasons that picking Pacey was the right decision.

10 Dawson: He's Her Soulmate

No doubt about it, Dawson and Joey are soulmates. This is something that is made clear from the pilot and even fans who want Pacey and Joey to be together have to admit that.

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People think differently about this topic and some think that good friends can be soulmates. For the most part, though, many people love the idea of a romantic soulmate, and on that level, Joey and Dawson should have ended up together.

9 Pacey: They Have Great Chemistry

Although there are Dawson's Creek fans who of course ship Dawson and Joey, it's fair to say that Joey has much better and stronger chemistry with Pacey. When Joey and Dawson hang out, there is some conflict between them in the beginning since Joey loves him and he is envious that he loves Jen. But besides that, it doesn't always feel like they should be a couple. It often feels like it's just right that they are good friends.

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Things are different between Joey and Pacey. They always have chemistry, especially in the early seasons when they're always sparring and Joey always seems super annoyed with him. Of course, that's how many epic love stories start.

8 Dawson: He Understands Her Past

Dawson and Joey on Dawson's Creek

Another reason that Joey should have picked Dawson? The two have been super close since they were young and Dawson really and truly understands her past. He knows how painful it was when her mom passed away from cancer and what it has been like to live with her older sister instead of her parents since her dad has been in prison.

Sure, Pacey has been around since Joey was a kid, too, and as Dawson's best pal, he was always part of things. But Pacey doesn't know this part of Joey's life as well as Dawson does. Another point for Dawson Leery.

7 Pacey: They Go Through A Lot Together

It's surprising when Pacey and Joey have feelings for each other since the show was set up as Joey and Dawson being in love. This turns the show in another direction and it's definitely a really interesting and cool one.

When Joey ends up with Pacey in the series finale, it makes sense since they have gone through a lot together. For one thing, they have survived their love triangle, and Pacey and Dawson have been able to get past Pacey essentially stealing his one true love. That's no small feat, particularly on a teen drama.

6 Dawson: Many Fans Would Have Been Happy

Two people can be fans of the same TV show and one will adore something that happened and the other will really dislike it. When it comes to this love triangle on Dawson's Creek, some fans wanted Joey to choose Dawson and others are happy with the way that things turned out.

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When you think about this storyline from a fan's happiness perspective, though, it seems like maybe Joey should have picked Dawson. This would have definitely pleased a lot of fans, and it's something to think about. After all, their relationship is such a big focus of the show.

5 Pacey: He's Just As Sarcastic And Bitter As Joey

If one person thinks that opposites attract, the next will say that a relationship is much smoother and simpler when two people have a ton of things in common. When viewing things from that perspective, it makes sense that Pacey and Joey ended up together.

These two characters are both sarcastic and bitter. In contrast, Dawson sees the world in such an optimistic manner that it definitely confuses Pacey and Joey sometimes. On this level, Joey and Pacey work great as a couple.

4 Dawson: They Will Always Love Each Other

Even though Joey did decide that she wanted to be with Pacey, it's fair to admit that Joey and Dawson will always love each other. Although it might just be as friends and they aren't going to entertain the idea of becoming more than that, they can't ignore this part of their history.

For this reason, it would have made sense if Joey had declared her love for Dawson when the series wrapped up. Can you ever really move on from loving someone as much as Joey has cared about Dawson (and vice versa)?

3 Pacey: It's A Grown-Up Love Story

Dawson was Joey's first love. People say that you never forget your first love, and it's also true that there are times when this person can't be your everlasting love.

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When these two characters date in the early seasons of the show, it does feel very young and innocent and not necessarily like a grown-up love story. Pacey and Joey, on the other hand, do feel like they have a more mature relationship.

2 Dawson: It Would Have Felt Poetic

No Dawson's Creek fan can deny how poetic it would have been if, by the time that fans were waving goodbye to these characters, Joey had chosen Dawson as her one true love. They have the whole friends since childhood thing going for them, which is the story of many couples.

Sure, it was beautiful and sweet to see Joey and Pacey as a couple in the end, but it's worth mentioning how perfect it could have been if she and Dawson were finally together. Dawson would have loved it, too, since he's all about the kind of romance found in movies.

1 Pacey: It Made For A Great Series Finale

When fans were getting ready to watch the series finale of Dawson's Creek, they wondered: would Joey pick Dawson or Pacey? Yeah, everyone wanted to see how everyone else fared but this was such a main draw. After all, the show had been leading up to that big moment.

When Joey picked Pacey, it made for a great series finale, which is why many people are happy with this outcome. It wasn't what a lot of people thought would occur and that made this series ender both dramatic and interesting.

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