David S. Goyer Signs 3-Year First Look Deal with Warner Bros.

David S. Goyer signs 3-year deal with Warner Bros.

Cinematic universe building is the new normal in Hollywood, but in order for a studio to unite their most lucrative genre properties - be they superhero, horror or action movies - it becomes necessary to hire an architect (or two) to oversee the operation. Marvel Studios has thrived by having president of Production Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon run its comic book movie-verse; as such, others have started to take their lead.

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have gotten the Warner Bros./DC Cinematic Universe off the ground, paving the way for its first crossover superhero event, with Batman vs. Superman (as it's colloquially known for now). Of course, Goyer has served as an unofficial foreman of the DCCU for almost a decade now, going back to when he contributed to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy - despite the writer/director not having a deal with WB in place at the time.

Deadline is reporting that Goyer has signed a three-year first look deal with WB for his Phantom Four banner, which begins with a currently-untitled "Hitchcockian thriller with a grounded sci-fi element" written by Doug Jung (Dark Blue) that Goyer could wind up directing. Goyer spoke briefly with Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. on the matter, saying:

“I was perfectly happy not having a deal, and just financed the overhead myself. Warner Bros graciously offered me a deal and they’ve provided the lion’s share of my employment over the last decade, so what the hell?”

Justice League

In addition to Batman vs. Superman, Goyer is also involved with development on the potential NBC TV series Constantine, featuring the John Constantine anti-hero character featured in DC's Hellblazer and Constantine comic book properties (following his introduction in Swamp Thing). Goyer also informed Deadline that he intends to keep working in the area of what he referred to as "elevated genre," while bringing some of the strong TV writing talent he's collaborated with before (on such TV series as Da Vinci's Demons) over to the world of full-length moviemaking. No doubt, though, WB's decision to sign Goyer to a three-year deal is a sign that the studio also intends for him to continue playing an important role in mapping out future DC movie installments, in addition to other projects.

As it were, Goyer's commitment to producing "elevated genre" fare has already been essential, when it comes to establishing the template for DC movies and distinguishing them from Marvel Studios' brand of comic book-inspired cinema. Indeed, virtually every article that we're written about what could be the next big step in the DCCU following Batman vs. Superman - be it a Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Justice League movie - has emphasized the importance of carrying over the Goyer approach to adapting comic books - treating them as the modern American mythology - into the future.


For a while now, Goyer has been rumored to write the Justice League movie, and him being in a committed relationship with WB until 2016-2017 suggests that he will be involved with whatever project comes after Batman vs. Superman. The possibilities range from Justice League to a third Man of Steel installment - one that could introduce Wonder Woman to the big screen - as some of our readers have theorized, in response to the rumor that the Amazonian Princess will show up alongside Henry Cavill as Kal-El and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in the Man of Steel sequel.

Snyder and Affleck have been rumored to direct Justice League in the past, but Goyer's new deal with WB/DC make a related story that broke earlier this year - claiming that Goyer is being groomed to write and direct Justice League - somewhat more plausible, if still a claim to be taken with more than one healthy grain of salt. Of course, it was Goyer himself who revealed that Batman vs. Superman has been in development for a longer period of time than most fans might think, so who knows - maybe the future DC Cinematic Universe in general has already begun to take a definite shape (more than we're aware, anyway).

Happy to hear that Goyer's (most likely) staying around for the next phase in the DC movie-verse, after Batman vs. Superman? What DC project do you think should/will come next?


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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