David O. Russell Officially Directing 'Uncharted' Adaptation

The cinematic version of horror/classic literary mashup Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was left for dead (*rimshot*) earlier this week when director David O. Russell called it quits.

While Russell was rumored to be looking into Old St. Louis as his next directorial effort, he has now officially signed on with Sony Pictures Entertainment to helm a film adaptation of the popular video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune instead.

Russell was shortlisted to direct the Uncharted movie last May, but broke off negotiations to direct the adventure game picture just two months ago - in favor of P&P&Z. Sony officials apparently didn't carry a grudge (publicly) considering, in the recent press release, they describe the Three Kings filmmaker as "a tremendous choice to take on ['Uncharted']... equally adept at combining all the classic elements involved in this property: great character development, strong comedy, and amazing action sequences."

Screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer - who also penned the upcoming Conan reboot - wrote an earlier draft of the Uncharted script. Russell will revise their script for the film, which looks to be his followup to this winter's Oscar-hopeful, The Fighter.

uncharted drake's fortune movie david o. russell director

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an action-adventure game whose plot is in the vein of the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider series. It revolves around Nathan Drake, a descendant of the famous (or infamous, if you're Spanish) 16th century British seas captain, Sir Francis Drake. Drake goes on a quest to recover the coffin of his forefather, only to discover a far more precious item in the form of a diary that leads him, and journalist Elena Fisher, to El Dorado. Trouble ensues along the way, naturally.

An Uncharted movie has the potential to be a fun, globe-trotting adventure that would introduce a new guns-blazing marauder to the big screen. El Dorado was also the MacGuffin for the second National Treasure movie and the fourth Indiana Jones, so it is not as fresh a plot-driving concept nowadays as it was when the original game debuted back in 2007.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie David O. Russell

Russell has (fairly) earned himself a reputation for being a tempestuous director with his previous behavior - which includes a much-publicized incident in which he put Batman director Christopher Nolan in a headlock. Despite his antics,  he is still a solid filmmaker and should deliver an Uncharted movie that could easily rank among the better video game-to-movie adaptations out there.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune project as more news comes our way.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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