David O. Russell Developing FX TV Drama

David O. Russell is seemingly determined to expand his repertoire as an artist, seeing that he has a video game adaptation (Uncharted) and a comic book movie (2 Guns) on his current to-do list, and is now lending his talents to TV by creating a new drama for cable channel FX as well.

Little is known about Russell's reportedly female-driven television series, but it has already managed to secure a leading lady in the form of Emmy-winning Friday Night Lights actress Connie Britton.

Britton is well versed in the world of acclaimed TV programming, as her resume also includes a recurring role on Spin City and significant stints on shows like The West Wing and 24 - before she became known for playing Dillion High guidance counselor-turned principal and wife to Panthers' coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights. Bit of trivia - Britton played the same role in director Peter Berg's (Battleship) original FNL movie, but her character had a different name (Sharon Gaines) then.

TV Line broke the story about Russell and Britton's upcoming project, which Deadline has pointed out also takes the actress out of contention to join NBC's recently-greenlit drama, Prime Suspect. How involved Russell will ultimately be with the show once it moves beyond the conception stage remains to be seen.

Russell briefly mentioned his preference for strong female characters while he was chatting about Uncharted earlier this week - as he put it,"the more robust they are, the more robust the movie." That was certainly the case for The Fighter and the leading ladies of that film (Amy Adams and Melissa Leo) are now both strong contenders to take home an Oscar for their respective parts. So that alone is good reason to be intrigued by Russell and Britton's in-development project as well.

We'll keep an eye for more news about Russell's first foray into television.

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Source: TV Line (via Deadline)

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