Louis C.K. in Talks to Join Cast of David O. Russell's Next Film

Louis C.K. is in talks to take a key role in David O. Russell's untitled 2013 film

After performing in numerous sold-out stand-up tours and winning three Emmy Awards for writing, Louis C.K. has become an immensely popular and respected comedic voice among fans and contemporaries alike. Though Hollywood producers and directors have been aware of his comedic performing and joke-writing abilities for some time, they're just starting to recognize his other talents, which include acting.

The hardworking comic and showrunner has taken some big strides in that world recently. Not only is he coming off a Golden Globe nomination for his performance on his own show Louie, but he was also cast in Woody Allen's next feature Blue Jasmine and, as we're now learning, is in talks to join the cast of David O. Russell's next film.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that C.K. is close to joining the currently untitled project's cast, which already features some big names, including former Russell collaborators Christian Bale (The Fighter), Amy Adams (The Fighter) and Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), along with rising star Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy).

The film, which will reportedly begin filming in February, will tell the story of real life con artist Max Weinberg, who helped the FBI take down several corrupt politicians in a famous 1970s case known as the Abscam operation. Bale will play Weinberg, Adams will play his mistress and co-conspirator and Cooper and C.K. will both take on the roles of FBI agents, though Cooper's part will obviously be much larger.

Some may question Russell's interest in C.K. for a part, but based on the acting performances in Russell's last two films, it's safe to say he usually makes wise casting decisions. Adams, Bale and Melissa Leo all received Oscar nominations for The Fighter - both Bale and Leo won - and Cooper and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence are up for Academy Awards this year for Silver Linings Playbook - performances that we find very deserving as well (read our review for Silver Linings Playbook).

It's unclear how much humor C.K. will be allowed to bring to the performance, but he may be looking for more of a dramatic role anyway. He recently decided to take a break from producing, directing, writing, editing and starring in Louie, pushing the premiere of season 4 all the way to 2014, so maybe he intends to take more parts like this one in the coming year. After all, high profile directors are giving him a chance. We've certainly seen other comedians (Bill Murray, Steve Martin, and Patton Oswalt, for instance) become strong dramatic actors, so we're not doubting the multi-talented C.K.

There is no current release date or title for this project, but it's scheduled for release late this year.


Source: THR

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