David O. Russell & Mark Wahlberg Developing Father Stu Movie

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Writer, director, and producer David O. Russell (Joy) has worked with some big names over the years. Among the talented performers that have made built strong working relationships with Russell over the years, Mark Wahlberg (Deepwater Horizon) has made his own mark on the filmmaker's impressive filmography three times over.

From the 1999 satirical heist film Three Kings, to the existential comedy I Heart Huckabees in 2004, and finally in the Oscar nominated boxing drama The Fighter in 2010, Russell and Wahlberg have proven in the past that their respective tastes and sensibilities pair well on the big screen. On that note, the latest word has it that the two Hollywood players are currently working together on an all new project.

According to /Film, Russell and Wahlberg are currently at work on adapting the true life story of one Father Stuart Long, the late Montana born boxer-turned-priest whose personal story is one full of the kinds of real-life drama that should provide Russell with plenty of material to explore. Speaking to his own interest in the project in a recent Facebook Q & A for Deepwater Horizon, Wahlberg stated:

"David O. Russell and I are working on developing a script about Father Stu, who was an amazing priest from Helena, Montana. He was a very tough guy who was a fighter, a football player… anything but a spiritual guy. He found his calling, and decided, after falling in love with a woman, that he wanted to become a priest. He suffered from this horrible muscular degenerative disease but was still ordained as a priest and passed away, but not before he was able to inspire thousands upon thousands of people. I think it’s an amazing, inspirational story, so David and I are working on that right now."

The FIghter Mark Wahlberg David O Russell

Given how open Wahlberg has been in the past in regards to his own belief and faith in the Roman Catholic Church, taking on the role of a spiritual figure like Father Stuart Long should provide for plenty of dramatic material for the actor to sink his teeth into. And adding Russell into the mix in the director's chair bodes well for the project in general as it continues to pick up steam.

The Fighter served as a reminder of Wahlberg's acting abilities at a time when he really needed a professional boost, and with any luck his latest project with Russell will provide for a further reminder of the same. Wahlberg may have been playing leading man for action movie auteur Peter Berg (Deepwater Horizon) for a while now, but that only makes his impending reunion with Russell all the more exciting to look forward to.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on any information related to the Father Stuart Long project.

Source: /Film

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