David Lynch May Direct More Movies After Twin Peaks Season 3

Twin Peaks auteur David Lynch says that previous reports he had retired from directing films were premature and he may still return.

David Lynch - Twin Peaks

David Lynch may not be done with movies after all. Like any filmmaker with a genuine artistic vision, David Lynch has had his ups-and-downs with the business-side of cinema. After a terrible experience on the big-budget flop Dune, Lynch vowed never to take on a project unless he had full control including final cut. Because of his insistence on full control, Lynch has probably missed out on a lot of opportunities over the years, but the films he has produced all bear his unmistakable mark and some of them are considered masterpieces.

In recent years, Lynch has even grown frustrated with the side of the industry he embedded himself in, lamenting the lack of art house cinemas where his kind of movies can run long enough to develop an audience. Unable to compete in a world of disposable blockbusters rotating endlessly through giant cineplexes, Lynch in recent interviews made waves by seeming to say he was done with making theatrical films entirely and would concentrate on the more fruitful field of producing programs like his revival of Twin Peaks for Showtime, a venue he has called "the new art house." But as always in the world of David Lynch, things are not entirely what they seem.

In new comments at the Cannes Film Festival, reported by Le Soir, Lynch has walked back his seeming retirement announcement and indicated he would consider making another cinematic feature film under the right circumstances. Lynch said when asked if he was through with theatrical filmmaking:

"No, my remarks have been misrepresented. I did not say I quit cinema. Simply that nobody knows what the future holds."

David Lynch The Art of Life Documentary

Lynch currently is making the rounds promoting his Showtime series Twin Peaks, Season 3 of his famous cult television show from the early 1990s. If nothing else, Twin Peaks the revival shows that Lynch still has plenty of ideas and still knows how to unspool a strange, mysterious, quirky narrative. Twin Peaks premiered to modest television ratings but did very well on Showtime's streaming service and has certainly generated plenty of buzz online.

With the success of Twin Peaks at least as a social media and streaming phenomenon, and considering the huge fields of opportunity that television has opened up, it's fair to wonder if Lynch might not be better off dropping his cinematic pursuits to focus on television. Lynch hasn't made a theatrical film since Inland Empire in 2006 and is clearly frustrated with many aspects of the industry, and trying to get movies off the ground might actually be a waste of his time and energy at this point, especially when he can turn to cable and all the artistic freedom it affords.

On the other hand, it would be somewhat of a shame if Lynch did have more ideas for potentially great movies but was deterred from making them due to the frustrations that come along with financing and distributing films. Though it seems Lynch is ready to leave the world of feature filmmaking behind, it's reassuring that he is at least willing to keep the door open on making more films, even if his main focus is on television projects like Twin Peaks.

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Source: Le Soir

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