'Watchmen' Screenwriter Asks Fans To See It Again

Anyone who was even remotely interested in Watchmen has most likely already been to the theatre to see it (a lot were probably there for midnight screenings, even more have probably seen it more than once already). The critics in general have been pretty mixed on the film and movie fans have been a lot more positive towards it (although not everyone is praising it as much as the closest analogue The Dark Knight).

Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter (who if you're into your video games you'll know as the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series) had been working on trying to adapt the graphic novel into a filmable screenplay for about ten years. And to put all that time and effort into something (just so you know he co-wrote it with Alex Tse) must be draining to say the least, and that's even before you have to worry about people critiquing the final product.

Well in an open letter to HardcoreNerdity, Hayter urges people who liked the film to see it again. Check out an extract from the letter below (click here for the letter in full):

"If the film made you think. Or argue with your friends. If it inspired a debate about the nature of man, or vigilante justice, or the horror of Nixon abolishing term limits. If you laughed at Bowie hanging with Adrian at Studio 54, or the Silhouette kissing that nurse. Please go see the movie again next weekend. You have to understand, everyone is watching to see how the film will do in its second week. If you care about movies that have a brain, or balls, (and this film's got both, literally), or true adaptations - And if you're thinking of seeing it again anyway, please go back this weekend, Friday or Saturday night. Demonstrate the power of the fans, because it'll help let the people who pay for these movies know what we'd like to see. Because if it drops off the radar after the first weekend, they will never allow a film like this to be made again."

At first I looked at what Hayter said and it came off as him just playing up a movie he had a major part in so that the box office numbers would rise. But even though that is still what he's saying, it's not as simple as that. Hayter is clearly a fan as well as a writer (if you remember he also wrote the first two X-Men movies), and going just by that open letter alone (not to mention the fact he spent almost a decade of his life developing this thing), his love for the material shines through brightly.

I love the point, and wholeheartedly agree with him, that we should go and see movies like this not only first off but multiple times. That way, as Hayter states, the people who put up the cash for these movies can see that this is the kind of quality stuff we want to see.

We need to stop paying money hand over fist to see cinematic excrement like Meet the Spartans and Beverly Hills Chihuaha, and support the types films we want to see made.

Sources: /Film and HardcoreNerdity

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