David Hasselhoff Joins 'Sons Of Anarchy' Season 4

With production currently underway for Sons of Anarchy season 4, it has been announced that the recent television “phenom” that is David Hasselhoff will be joining the always resourceful SAMCRO this October – one month after the series is set to premiere.

Since Danny Trejo, Rockmond Dunbar and LaMonica Garrett have rounded out the recent additions to Sons of Anarchy, one might assume that all the, well, meatier roles have already been spoken for. Fortunately, that is not the case.

In a brilliant bit of casting, series creator Kurt Sutter will provide the “long-awaited” fictional personification of one of Hasselhoff’s most famous images of the past (see below), by tapping the famed Baywatch star for the role of Dondo, a one-time porn star who is known for the size of his... I think you get the picture.

Dondo will be headed to Charming, North California as a now-wealthy producer of adult entertainment. Even though male porn stars and motorcycle gangs don’t exactly travel in the same circles, there’s a very good reason for Dondo to be making an appearance: Luann Delaney.

In Sons of Anarchy season 2, Luann – best friend of Gemma (Katey Sagal), “old lady” to Big Otto (Kurt Sutter), and porn producer – was found beaten to death by rival pornographer Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold). Caruso left the country for Thailand, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Dondo cites a major career boost from Luanne as the reason for his career success, so Dondo will be in Charming to help SAMCRO out with some “dirty work” that is being done in her memory. While nothing else has been revealed about Dondo’s role, what said “dirty work” might be, or who will be involved, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Tom Arnold returns to reprise his role as Caruso – until “justice is served”, that is.

Even though David Hasselhoff has become one television’s favorite caricatures of ridiculousness, one still has to acknowledge his long-time stint as an actor in hit series like Knight Rider and the numerous Baywatch iterations. While perhaps not every role would fit within Hasselhoff’s range as an actor, the role of Dondo sounds like something that he could easily pull off.

With a flawless record of casting Sons of Anarchy – which includes legendary novelist Stephen King – one has to respect Kurt Sutter’s ability to continuously select the right actor for the part. Even though it’s going to be another three months before we find out whether or not Hasselhoff is able to pull off this role, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Hasselhoff’s stint on Sons of Anarchy becomes as legendary as the man himself.


Sons of Anarchy season 4 premieres in September on FX

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Source: TV Guide

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