David Hasselhoff Teases Possible Knight Rider Reboot

Knight Rider David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff teases fans about an upcoming announcement with regard to the Knight Rider reboot. A popular TV series from the '80s, the show ran for four seasons where the actor played Michael Knight, a high-tech crime fighter assisted by a self-aware and indestructible vehicle. The project has been in-development for quite a while now, with talks about it dating all the way back to 2002. Despite starring in the show, Hasselhoff's name was actually only thrown in the mix in 2015.

Multiple directors have been rumored to be attached to the project including Justin Lin and even Hasselhoff's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 collaborator, James Gunn. In 2017, Hasselhoff shared that he wants a Logan-style Knight Rider with Robert Rodriguez. None of the attempts in the past have obviously panned out, but things appear to be different this time as an announcement about the reboot is coming soon, at least according to the actor.

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Speaking with Mirror UK as he promotes his Audible Original book, Up Against The Wall, Hasselhoff shed some light on the extended time it's taking for the Knight Rider reboot to be released. As it turns out, long before his name was linked to the revival, he was already working actively to get the project green lit. However, they didn't want him attached to the role. "We talked about another series about eight to nine years ago. But they wanted to do it without me," he said. Despite agreeing to not reprising the part, things still didn't work out.

Edward Mulhare, David Hasselhoff and Patricia McPherson in Knight Rider.

It was only recently during his honeymoon that things finally turned for the Knight Rider reboot and the actor sounds more hopeful that this time, the project will finally push through. In fact, he went as far as saying that "the Knight Rider will ride again," although he's "not supposed to say anything." Hasselhoff capped things off by asking fans to "stay tuned" - as if an official announcement will arrive sooner than later.

If things are indeed different this time for the Knight Rider reboot, it will be curious if it has anything to do with the rumored John Cena and Kevin Hart project where the former plays the role of Knight while the latter provides the voce for the A.I-driven Pontiac Firebird, KITT. Last year, Cena confirmed of his attachment to the project, as well as its status when he revealed exclusively to Screen Rant that the script is awesome. Since then, no word as of yet about the reboot and how it's shaping up.

As Hollywood continues to capitalize with the popularity of reboots and revivals, perhaps the contemporary remake of Knight Rider will finally make its way on the big screen. With how Hasselhoff put it, it seems like the project is moving smoothly behind-the-scenes. Fans would just have to stay put for the supposed announcement coming everybody's way very soon.

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Source: Mirror UK

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