David Hasselhoff Reveals The Best Ways To Survive A Piranha Attack

These suggestions by David Hasselhoff may very well be funnier than anything you'll find in 'Piranha 3DD.'

Piranha 3DD David Hasselhoff

In the new film Piranha 3DD, Knight Rider actor David Hasselhoff stars as himself, a celebrity who may be best known for playing a lifeguard on the hit drama Baywatch. But in this horror-comedy, he presents himself as an egomaniac realist who is hired as a lifeguard at a local water park.

Of course, Hasselhoff isn't a real lifeguard - but when terror arrives in the form of dozens of killer piranhas, he is asked to step up and help prevent the ensuing carnage.

But to prevent the type of destruction that is on display in this Piranha 3D sequel, I recently talked to Hasselhoff about how a person could survive a piranha attack - or prevent one in the future. He was happy to offer his advice as a longtime lifeguard (at least he played one on TV).

With that in mind, here is Hasselhoff's list of the three best ways to survive a piranha attack.

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