David Harbour Teases Perplexing Start To Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things fans are already more than excited for season 2, but star David Harbour says they should prepare themselves to be a little bit perplexed as well, at least during the first five minutes of wpisode 1. The hit Netflix series is returning this fall, and expectations are high after a first season that has been nominated for six Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series.

Stranger Things season 1 blended science-fiction, horror and '80s pop-culture-love to create a watchable experience. Season 2 returns to the town of Hawkins to find out what happened after the show's gang of D&D-loving teenage friends and their mysterious new pal Eleven (Emmy nominee Millie Bobby Brown) discovered the Upside Down and defeated the Demogorgon (with help from a couple of the town's more responsible adults).

Star David Harbour has already teased a darker, scarier journey for season 2, and we've also learned that his character Chief Hopper will not necessarily be a good guy this time around. Speaking to THR in a new interview, Harbour said he recently got to view the first five minutes of the premiere and warned fans to prepare themselves for a potentially confusing initial experience:

"The first five minutes, you're not going to know you're watching Stranger Things. You're going to be checking the thing: 'Did I put on something else?' Then something happens in the last part of those five minutes where you realize we've opened up the world in a fresh new way, and we introduce some new concepts."

Harbour then elaborated slightly on what he means by "opening up the world":

"It's things the fans have mentioned and have been talking about. I don't want to bring up what those are specifically, but we delve into questions that you guys had about the past histories of these people. It really opens up the world, and then the whole world is able to get bigger and darker and weirder. I think people are going to be really blown away."

We've already been afforded a small glimpse of bigger, darker and weirder season 2 via the trailer that dropped over the weekend at SDCC. Included in that trailer is a shot of the giant War of the Worlds-looking monster that apparently will be arriving to terrorize the good folks of Hawkins. We also know that Eleven will be returning for season 2 after she vanished at the end of season 1 (though we already had a good indication she would be back after the shot of Hopper leaving Eggo for her in the box in the woods). Sadly for some folks, Barb will not be back.

Harbour intriguingly brings up fan theories and character backstories, which might be an indication that we are going to discover Eleven's origins. At least one fan theory has speculated that Eleven is actually Hopper's daughter Sarah, who supposedly died of cancer (Hopper's flashbacks to his daughter's death provide him with extra motivation during his struggle to bring Will back to life in the season 1 finale). We have already been warned that season 2 could disappoint some fans, and now we've been told the first five minutes of the premiere might actually confuse people. Is this an example of under-hyping in order to combat possible over-hype? Time will tell.

Stranger Things season 2 premieres on October 27, 2017.

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Source: THR

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