Can We Get David Harbour to Officiate A Wedding as Hellboy?

Upcoming Hellboy star David Harbour agrees to officiate a wedding if a particular tweet receives the appropriate number of retweets. Last year, the acclaimed Stranger Things actor agreed to perform a number of goodwill acts simply because people asked him to on social media. These so-called "bets" of his have given him the opportunity to take a senior high school photo while holding a trombone, officiate a wedding, and dance with penguins in Antarctica - though the latter was something he wanted to do.

And now, Harbour has decided to bring back his social media bets for another go-around this year. Last month, Harbour posted on Twitter saying that he was ready for more "nonsense" now that he was starting to wrap up filming season 3 of Netflix's Stranger Things. Several people chimed in with their own requests, but one stood out: ComingSoon.Net managing editor Spencer Perry (a big Hellboy fan himself) asked Harbour to officiate his wedding - to Syfy Wire contributing editor Carly Lane - this coming March as Hellboy.

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It took some time, but Harbour has finally responded. Since it's Hellboy related, the actor wants 666,000 retweets in order to grant the request. However, if Hellboy creator Mike Mignola agrees to read a poem at the ceremony, Harbour will trim half a million retweets from that requirement, thus bringing down the retweet total to 166,000. As it turns out, Mignola has agreed to read the poem, but only if Harbour writes it himself.

Given that Mignola has agreed to read a poem, it seems fair to say that the tweet requirement has been dropped by 500,000. But the current retweet count (of the tweet above!) is only approximately 1,900. There's still a long way to go to get the much-needed 166,000, but it's certainly not impossible. Getting Harbour to even agree to officiate the wedding (provided that the tweet meets the requirement, of course) was only the first step. The funny thing is, Harbour acknowledges the irony of him, fully dressed as the half-demon, potentially getting "this character ordained by a Christian church." After all, for all intents and purposes, he'll be Hellboy, not David Harbour.

Aside from Harbour's extracurricular activities, the actor was on-deck at New York Comic Con 2018 this weekend to showcase the first footage from Neil Marshall's upcoming Hellboy reboot, which was recently pushed back from its initial January 2019 release date to April. Even if Perry's tweet doesn't receive the required number of retweets, perhaps Lionsgate will see Harbour officiating a wedding as Hellboy (in March, no less) as a good marketing opportunity for the film? There's always a chance.

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