As Promised, Here's David Harbour Dancing With Penguins in Antarctica

Stranger Things star David Harbour fulfilled a promise he made to his fans and shared a video of himself dancing with penguins in the Arctic. After several years of appearing in film, television, and theater, Harbour achieved a new level of fame when he was cast as Sheriff Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. The role has won him legions of fans, critical acclaim, nominations for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe, and helped lead him to his next big role - the titular hero/creature in Hellboy. And probably also a series of funny Super Bowl commercials for Tide.

Harbour has really been enjoying his success. Using his likeable personality and some fierce social media skills, Harbour has used his Twitter account to reach out to fans and charities - often in humorous ways. From posing with a high school student in her senior photos to agreeing to officiate a wedding - both in exchange for large numbers of retweets and a couple of small requests regarding anything from props to cake that put Harbour's personal spin on the events, Harbour is a master of making dreams come true through Twitter.


One of the dreams Harbour has helped come true is one of his own. Nearly a month ago, Harbour tweeted to Greenpeace, asking how many retweets he needed in order for them to arrange for him to dance with emperor penguins. Greenpeace responded with the number 200,000 and an offer to send him to the Arctic if he got the retweets. Well, he got far more retweets than needed, reaching the goal in only five hours. And now, as promised, Harbour has video evidence that he did indeed dance with the penguins, along with a request to help Greenpeace protect the animals and their home.

here's a petition to create the largest protected area in the world.@Greenpeace has 1M sigs.

let's give them 1.8.

1.8 million.

1 for every proposed square km

for the 'guins.

here's me dancing with them,

as promised.

they don't have netflix.@Greenpeace ?

— David Harbour (@DavidKHarbour) February 20, 2018

Harbour's dancing became a trademark for the actor after he got to show off a few moves in season 2 of Stranger Things. Flashbacks showed his year of secretly caring for Eleven and becoming her surrogate dad. Including making rules for her, giving her vocabulary lessons, making sure she ate a more nutritious diet than simply Eggos - though he did keep her favorite treat on hand. And adorably in one episode, he put on some music and began to dance for her, in that very special dad-dance kind of way. Harbour's dance became a meme immediately.

With season 3 of Stranger Things still on the horizon and Harbour done filming Hellboy, it's nice that he's had Twitter and a dance with the penguins to keep him occupied. And his fans know that if they want to ask him for something, they can always try social media. He might just say yes - in exchange for the request going viral and a touch of something that will make whatever that request is just a little more fun.


Source: David Harbour

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