David Goyer Writing Superman Reboot: Man of Steel? [Updated]

The Dark Knight team is taking on 'The Man of Steel': David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan are writing the script and director Christopher Nolan will be producing. Superman just got an upgrade

[Update 2: Now we're hearing Goyer AND Jonah Nolan are involved!]

[Update: Now AICN is weighing with more details on the Goyer/Supes situation!]

Wow, not a day after I get done writing a comprehensive guide on how to reboot the Superman franchise, do our friends over at Latino Review come with the exclusive word that David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) is going to be writing the Superman reboot, which apparently be titled The Man of Steel.

So what will this Superman reboot be about? Who will the villains be? Where will it fit into the continuity of the films? And who will play Supes? The answers await...

According to Latino Review's source, Pinche Taco, these are the early details:

  1. Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary [Pictures], got tired of all the discussion and decided...let's do it.  So he went to Goyer and Goyer had an idea that actually takes the movies back to the John Byrne incarnation.  Modern.  Believable.  FUN!  So Tull got Goyer hired.
  2. The film will not be called Superman and will be called THE MAN OF STEEL.
  3. Brandon Routh will not star in the film.
  4. Nic Cage will NOT star in the fllm (lol)
  5. Bryan Singer is not expected to direct.

I can tell you that Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac.  It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry.  I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet.  And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology.

Head over to Latino Review for the full word on Pinche's scoop!

Now, a couple of things to talk about regarding this Superman reboot news:

  • For those wondering about Goyer's rumored work, prepping Batman 3 for Chris Nolan - Goyer is the story writer for Nolan's Batman films, not the screenplay writer. Once he comes up with the general story idea it's passed off to Nolan and his brother Jonathan for script work (at least Batman Begins and Dark Knight worked that way).
  • For those wondering about Goyer's position showrunning and writing ABC's FlashFoward: Goyer has left the series to once again focus on his screen writing work (Batman 3 and Man of Steel?).
  • We know that DC Entertainment has been looking to get another Supes film into production and that it would be some sort of reboot to the franchise.

All of these peripheral bits add up to a strong possibility that Latino Review's source is on the money. We'll see how the news pans out in the next few days, when there are sure to be confirmations (or denials) from the DCE camp.


Update: Well that didn't take long! AICN is reporting that Pinche Taco might have gotten a bit ahead of himself while breaking this Superman reboot scoop. Here's Harry Knowles take on the situation:

Hey folks, Harry here... So just a while ago I just got off the phone with Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures who told me that the story that appeared over on LATINO REVIEW just frankly isn't true. Tull has not unilaterally hired Goyer to come in and write the new SUPERMAN. He loves Goyer, but frankly - the project isn't at the Script stage yet. Seems Nolan is still hatching some ideas. But he just wanted me to pass on that they have the highest enthusiasm for this project, but the story on Latino just isn't accurate. I'll see what more I can find out, but as of right now, there really isn't anything else to tell.

Now you see why we throw questions marks in these "breaking news" titles - it often takes a while for this stuff to get sorted out.

Still, I'm a bit curious about one aspect of Harry's report: he claims that Tull is claiming that Nolan is hatching ideas for the next Superman film, but our own Rob Keyes recently posted a report where DCE president Diane Nelson played the "it's a rumor" card about Nolan even being involved with Superman.

Does that mean that AICN and/or Latino Review are wrong? Hell no! This is Hollywood, the place where news remains "unconfirmed" until the right people get to break it. But until these scoops get confirmed, keep a slightly open mind about the situation...

Oh Hollywood, isn't it time you started giving straight answers to the people who dig up the scoops?

Update 2: IGN has an exclusive update on the info revealing that in Harry's AICN exclusive, Tull is downplaying what's really going on behind the scenes and that not only is Goyer on board for the Superman reboot, but Jonah Nolan is too.

IGN has heard from reliable sources that Tull is downplaying this report. Goyer is in fact on the project, but not only that -- his The Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan will also be scripting Superman: The Man of Steel along with him. Nolan's brother Christopher is expected to only executive-produce, and not direct, the film. That said, he will be "hands-on" as a producer. Since the Superman film is under the gun because of the ongoing legal entanglements involving the property, Warner Bros. wants the pair to get started on their script on the double.

We tell you guys to stay tuned to Screen Rant and boy do we mean it! Check back for more developments with The Man of Steel!

Source:  Latino Review

Update Source: AICN

Re-Update Source: IGN

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