David Goyer Talks Blade 4

Blade - Wesley Snipes

Just over a month ago we talked about the future of the Blade franchise and at the time, it seemed that Stephen Dorff may help guide the series in a different direction with a trilogy of new movies set before the events of the first Blade.

It of course would star Dorff as the bad-ass vampire, Deacon Frost. Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, said that he’d be back to work on these prequels after he’s done working on the remake of The Crow and he confirmed that it would be Frost’s story but that it would be linked heavily with the existing movies.

Today we have some more tidbits about the next Blade film from another integral man behind the trilogy, David Goyer.

MTV News spoke with David Goyer, writer of The Dark Knight, and he revealed that there’s been talk of the next Blade film at New Line Cinema, confirming that "there's been murmurings" about the next Blade feature film project.

He didn’t specify any details, so the talk is likely about the Deacon Frost-centered movies we heard about earlier.

However, I find it a difficult to think of a Blade spinoff without any appearance of the vampire hunter in it. I don’t think Wesley Snipes is too busy at the moment so I could see him having some kind of a role in it, perhaps causing problems for Frost behind the scenes since he’s pretty famous amongst vampires he’s not killed yet.

The other option is to re-cast but since this is within continuity and focused on Frost, that wouldn’t be necessary or a good idea. Although Snipes’ recent years have been riddled with legal issues and behind-the-scenes problems, I still would enjoy watching him convert vampires to ash. Maybe he could cameo in the next Twilight film…

Goyer had this to say about the current state of the franchise:

"I think when you revisit these characters, the question is, how long should they stay off the shelf?... When we did 'Batman Begins,' he'd been off the shelf for about eight years. It hasn't been eight years yet for Blade. I think usually if you give them a little breathing room between iterations, it's better."

Distancing themselves from the last remnants of the Blade franchise as it was would be wise. Blade: Trinity was not well received, nor was the short-lived Blade television series on Spike TV that Goyer helped produce and write the pilot for.

Stay tuned for more on Blade from Screen Rant as we find it and look for Goyer’s latest work in the sweet-looking upcoming series, Flash Forward.

What do you expect of the next Blade film?

Source: MTV

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