David Goyer talks Batman Begins

- There will be more onscreen time for Bruce Wayne. Goyer felt that in previous Batman movies, any time Bruce Wayne was on screen was just filler until the next Batman appearance. In this movie the goal is to make us care about Bruce as much as Batman.

- It's a true origin story as we will see where Bruce learned the skills that turned him into the ultimate crimefighter. We'll also see how the Batcave came to be his base of operations and the origin of the Batmobile and of course, his Batsuit.

- As far as talk about a sequel he said they left Batman Begins as an open ended story, but between finishing up Blade III and this film, he's exhausted (as is Chris Nolan) and it's too early to be talking about sequels.

Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to this movie? :P

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Source: Now Playing Magazine

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