David S. Goyer Passes On Directing Masters Of The Universe

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David S. Goyer passes on directing Masters of the Universe, which means Sony Pictures needs to find a new director. Sony is looking for more franchises to add to their portfolio, and they've hoped that another attempt at Masters of the Universe could prop up their slate. A Masters of the Universe reboot has been in the works for many years, seeing several writers tackle rewrites and directors join only to leave. Jon Chu was in talks in 2012 but left, with Terry Rosio taking over the script, only to be followed by Jeff Wadlow and then Christopher Yost doing the same. McG signed on to direct at one point before exiting and, thus, leaving Goyer to rewrite the script yet again.

After spending several months rewriting the script, Goyer delivered a product that got Sony excited, which is why they began discussing the possibility of him directing as well. Everything appeared to be running smoothly, with production eyeing an April start date, but the chance of that happening anymore is in question as Goyer is now passing on directing the film.

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Variety reports that David S. Goyer passed on directing Masters of the Universe. Goyer made the decision due to a scheduling conflict between Masters of the Universe's production timetable and his work on the TV show, Foundation. He will reportedly still be involved with the project as an executive producer and screenwriter, but he couldn't take on the burden of directing.

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While this news may be a bit of a surprise considering how long Goyer and Sony have been discussing the possibility of him directing, it appears that Sony was well aware of this happening. The outlet states that Sony was lining up meetings with other directors before Goyer even made his decision. While meeting with other directors might've been a preemptive move, it turns out it was the right one to make. It protected them in case Goyer decided to walk, and that's exactly what he did, but it was his decision alone not to direct.

Whatever the case may be, Sony needs to find a new director soon if they intend on keeping Masters of the Universe's current start date. Even with the film slated to go up against Star Wars: Episode IX, Sony doesn't appear interested in delaying the project any longer. Maybe the confidence comes because of their concept or thanks to fellow Sony production, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, dominating the holiday box office. Then again, a potential Jumanji 3 could inevitably push the film back yet again. After all, it doesn't have any cast members at this point, and now it's without a director. Regardless of what happens, Sony needs to make its decision quickly if they don't want Masters of the Universe to be moved yet again.

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Source: Variety

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