David Fincher Criticizes Marvel Studios' Filmmaking Approach

David Fincher offers some criticism regarding Marvel Studios' approach to filmmaking. While many working in Hollywood would probably be hesitant to sound off on Marvel, Fincher has enough respect within the industry that he knows he can voice his opinions without fear of reprisal. Despite an infamously rocky start as a feature director - courtesy of embattled sequel Alien 3 - Fincher went on to be nominated for two Oscars, win an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA, all while establishing one of the most impressive resumes out there.

While Marvel Studios' sprawling MCU franchise continues to dominate the box office and earn widespread critical acclaim, it makes sense that an auteur like Fincher would take issue with the company's almost assembly line-like method of making films, with more emphasis often placed on the needs of the brand than on the wants of a particular filmmaker. Fincher has never been much for tolerating studio meddling, whether that meddling be well-intentioned or not.

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During a recent chat about his new Netflix drama Mindhunter - posted online by Yellow King Film Boy - Fincher took a clear shot at Marvel Studios' method of making films, while also praising Netflix as an outlet for telling complex stories that he feels might not be welcome in today's cinematic landscape. Here's his full quote.

"Look, there’s a very large talent pool of people who are- don’t feel there’s much for them in terms of sustenance working for Marvel. And I think that if we can make a playground for them that is thoughtful, adult, interesting, complex, challenging stories and figure out ways to pull them into it, there’s a chance at something that isn’t lassoed and hogtied by three acts. And there’s something else that doesn’t have to be 22-minute half hour or have a cliffhanger. I think it is an exciting time."

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While Fincher is far from the first filmmaker to criticize Marvel Studios' approach, his is definitely an influential voice to add to that chorus. Of course, for as many directors as have expressed issues with Marvel Studios' process, there are just as many who've worked with the company and were able to flourish within the constraints provided. Some - such as James Gunn and the Russo Brothers - have also worked with Marvel repeatedly, and seem to love continually expanding their creative relationship with the studio as the years progress.

Whatever one thinks of Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige-guided filmmaking vision, it's hard to argue that they don't know what they're doing, as MCU movies continue to both make massive profits and draw positive critical reviews. With that in mind, it's unlikely that they'll rethink how they do things anytime soon, no matter what Hollywood titans like Fincher have to say. After all, there's something to be said for not fixing what isn't broken.

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Source: Yellow King Film Boy

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