Suicide Squad's David Ayer in Talks to Direct Scarface Reboot

David Ayer and Margot Robbie Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad director David Ayer is in early talks to direct the Scarface remake starring Diego Luna. The story of Tony Montana is best known for the 1983 remake starring Al Pacino, but it is one of the many stories that Hollywood is interested in rebooting. The original Tony Montana movie came out in 1932 starring Paul Muni, but Pacino turned the gangster role into something of his own in the '80s version. The latter is a staple of the gangster genre and features a number of memorable sequences (as well as some of the most quoted lines of all-time).

Still, Universal has continued to aggressively move forward with their plans for another Scarface remake. Antoine Fuqua was the most recent choice of director, but Fuqua had to leave the project due to scheduling issues. Since then, a Scarface reboot director shortlist has emerged - though Ayer was not on said list, as it were.

Deadline is now reporting that David Ayer is in early talks to direct the Scarface remake/reboot. Nowadays, Ayer is best-known for Suicide Squad, but he also has a history of making crime drama/thrillers (see End of Watch, Street Kings) and will venture into fantasy/crime later this year, with Bright. This is also not the first time Ayer's name has been connected to the Scarface reboot either, as he was first hired to write the Scarface retelling back in 2011. Now, it appears as though things could come full circle for Ayer.

Scarface remake lands new writer

As with any early discussions on joining a project, it is very possible that talks could eventually fall apart, leaving Scarface without Ayer as its director. However, given his involvement in the past and the film having a fall release date next year, things have to start moving. This move by Ayers would continue to keep him in the crime-genre for some time - something he is very passionate about - but also raises questions regarding his DC future.

While this is merely speculation at this point, it is interesting to note that Deadline's article makes no mention of Ayer being attached to direct Gotham City Sirens. With Scarface do out next year, Ayer landing this job will certainly take precedence and only further delay the Harley Quinn-led film. It's certainly possible that the idea is that Ayer would direct Scarface this year, before setting to work on Sirens sometime next year. Either way, that's something to keep in mind.

Should Ayer's deal close for Scarface, it will continue to add talent to the project. Outside of Luna's involvement and rising stardom thanks to Rogue One, the movie also received a rewrite from the Coen Brothers. Ayer could always come in and change this version, but if the rewrite is based at all on his previous concept, then it should be an easier process for Ayer to feel comfortable enough to direct the script as-is.

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Source: Deadline

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