Dave Bautista Confirms Interest in WWE Return

Batista remained a top star in WWE until May 2010, when he quit the company on Raw after a feud with John Cena. In reality, Bautista just didn't agree with the current creative direction WWE was heading in, and decided not to renew his contract. By the time the Batista character returned to WWE TV in January 2014, Bautista the man had already shot what would become a star making role as Drax the Destroyer in the aforementioned Guardians. Against Bautista's better judgment, WWE brought back his character as a face, having him win the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, the fans had invested in Daniel Bryan as their hero, and were upset that he had been passed over.

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Batista would end up losing to Bryan in the main event of that year's WrestleMania XXX, and officially turned heel the next night on Raw. Batista reunited with Evolution teammates Randy Orton and Triple H, and went to war with then-upstart faction The Shield. The two groups engaged in a few terrific tag team matches, before Bautista once again left WWE in June 2014. Since that time, Bautista has racked up further high-profile acting roles in Spectre, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Blade Runner 2049.

Despite his current status as a rising star in Hollywood, Bautista remains interested in once again returning to WWE. During a recent appearance on WWE hall of famer Jim Ross' podcast, Bautista is open to a full-time WWE return, and has apparently made this desire known to WWE boss Vince McMahon. While WWE is full of part-time performers at this point - Brock Lesnar, Triple H, John Cena, Chris Jericho, etc. - Bautista actually wants to work a normal schedule, even appearing at non-televised live events.

Additionally, Bautista also wants to feud with old friend/foe Triple H, a storyline that seemed to be being set up prior to Batista's abrupt 2014 exit from WWE. While some fans might prefer that "The Animal" be unleashed on new opponents, it's not hard to see why Bautista would be interested in reigniting a classic rivalry. Even at 48-years-old, Bautista carries enough star power that it's hard to imagine McMahon not being interested in bringing him back at some point, it just remains to be seen how soon that'll be.

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Source: Ross Report Podcast

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