Dave Bautista Slams Stephen Amell for Questioning His WrestleMania Match

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Multi-time WWE champion and Hollywood star Dave Bautista unleashed a verbal smackdown after Arrow's Stephen Amell questioned his WrestleMania match. Bautista - who wrestled simply as Batista - was of course one of WWE's top stars for a long time, racking up accolades and pay-per-view main events like there was no tomorrow. Since hitting it big with 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy though, Bautista has primarily focused on his acting career, picking up big roles in films like Spectre and Blade Runner 2049, and reprising Drax the Destroyer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War.

While Bautista's MCU future is questionable - he's at least expected to appear in Avengers: Endgame, but beyond that it's unclear - he recently lined up a part in director Denis Villeneuve's highly anticipated Dune reboot, and is also rumored for a role in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and DC. Last night though, Bautista took a detour back to WWE Raw, long enough to make a No Holds Barred grudge match against old rival Triple H official for WrestleMania XXV on April 7.

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Today, Arrow star Amell - himself a huge wrestling fan, who's even participated in a few matches - took to Twitter to take what appears to be a lighthearted shot at Bautista perhaps distracting from WrestleMania as a wrestling card by bringing with him the baggage of Hollywood stardom. It didn't seem too serious at the time, but Bautista disagreed, roaring back with the social media equivalent of a Batista Bomb. Check it out below.

As entertaining as Bautista's seemingly furious response was, it's important to remember that we're talking about two men involved with the world of pro wrestling. Unlike other forms of entertainment, wrestling thrives on trying to keep up the illusion of reality, even though everyone obviously knows full well things are scripted. Wrestlers regularly post "in-character" tweets to further onscreen storylines, and it's quite possible Bautista's response to Amell was simply him replying as his heel character.

If that's in fact the case, Bautista and Amell are probably having a good chuckle about the whole exchange right now, as they've once again succeeded in making fans wonder what's real and what's not. Interestingly though, since Amell has participated in matches before, one wonders how fun an in-ring WWE confrontation between the two could actually be. Bautista vs. Amell seems like a mismatch on the surface, but the often comic book-esque world of wrestling loves a good David vs. Goliath-type showdown.

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