Dave Bautista is So Over Your Standing Still Jokes

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista let his Twitter followers know he’s tired of their endless jokes about Drax's Avengers: Infinity War "standing still" scene. A one-time professional wrestler, Bautista took his first big step to becoming a movie star when he tackled the role of Drax the Destroyer in James Gunn’s original Guardians movie, a role he would reprise in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as well as Infinity War and this year's epic Avengers: Endgame.

Drax of course has experienced more than his fair share of highlights across four movies, but there’s one scene in particular fans can’t seem to get enough of. The scene in question takes place in Infinity War and involves Drax believing he’s developed powers of invisibility and trying to show off his new skill with less than effective results. "I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that I become invisible to the eye. Watch,” Drax declares, but of course he’s still entirely visible to his companions Gamora and Star-Lord, who are not impressed by his “power.” Drax then insists that he’s developed the ability to move so slowly his actions are “imperceptible,” but again, everything he’s doing is perfectly visible to everyone.

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The “standing still” scene as it's called has naturally become a signature moment for Drax and Bautista, but now it seems the actor is growing tired of fans constantly recalling it in his Twitter feed. In fact, Bautista has become so sick of the meme that he actually went on Twitter himself and explained to fans just how not-funny their endless jokes have become. See Bautista’s tweet in the space below:

Since gaining movie stardom as the dry and literal minded – and completely not-invisible - Drax, Bautista has of course branched out in his career, making appearances in everything from Blade Runner 2049 to Hotel Artemis to the "beyond awful" Escape Plan 2: Hades. This summer, Bautista dipped his toe in the buddy comedy genre, starring alongside Kumail Nanjiani in the box office disappointment Stuber, and next year he’ll appear in Dune and My Spy. Bautista has also lined up roles in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (which will again be directed by Gunn after the director’s brief firing from Disney).

Given his efforts to expand his acting repertoire beyond Drax, it’s probably no surprise that Bautista is growing a little bit tired of fans only associating him with one character and, even worse, one particular moment. Of course, film history is filled with well-documented cases of actors growing tired of being identified only with certain roles. Famously, Leonard Nimoy got so sick of being thought of only as Spock that he wrote a book called “I Am Not Spock,” a sentiment he would try to wind back with his later book “I Am Spock.” Sean Connery too got so sick of James Bond that he once said he’d like to “kill” the character. And Twilight star Robert Pattinson also once admitted he hated the character of Edward Cullen (it remains to be seen how he’ll feel about Batman after playing the character in the upcoming The Batman).

Though fans rightfully enjoy Bautista as Drax, as it is a very funny performance, they might want to give the Avengers: Infinity Warstanding still” meme a rest, at least in Bautista’s Twitter feed, so as not to make Bautista regret ever playing the part in the first place. At the same time, given the fickle nature of fame, Bautista may want to hold off a little on criticizing his fans today, as they may not still be with him come tomorrow.

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