Dave Bautista Blames Cybernazis for James Gunn's Guardians 3 Firing

Having previously defended Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, actor Dave Bautista is now taking the fight to the cybernazis whom he blames for Gunn's firing from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Disney recently cut all ties to the writer/director, after reports surfaced regarding a number of offensive jokes that Gunn had made on his personal Twitter account ten years ago.

Gunn's firing stunned the entertainment world, coming as it did in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The reports regarding Gunn's past prompted a domino effect, with Sony pulling all press for an upcoming project Gunn was supposed to unveil during their panel at the show. It's the contention of many people, including Bautista, that the reports regarding Gunn's past provocative humor were part of a timed effort by neo-Nazis. Their goals were apparently to strike at Gunn - an outspoken liberal - and to embarrass Disney - who had recently fired conservative Roseanne Barr for a series of racist comments - into acting quickly against Gunn so they would not look like hypocrites after their swift response to Barr's offensive Tweets.

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Bautista went on the offense in a pair of comments on his personal Twitter account. In the Tweets, which can be viewed below, Bautista said that what happened to Gunn is much bigger than a single film. Bautista went on to urge people to stand up and unite against the cybernazis that are condemning anyone who dares disagree with them politically over their past mistakes.

The specific "cybernazis" Bautista refers to are Jack Posobiec and Michael Cernovich, who both wrote about Gunn's earlier tweets, prompting the firestorm that lead to his firing by Disney. Posobiec, a self-described "political operative", is perhaps most famous for his live-streamed attempt to investigate a Washington D.C. pizzeria that he accused of being a front for human trafficking. Cernovich is the author of the self-help book, Gorilla Mindset, which promotes the idea that women should submit to alpha males. Both have said a number of things on their personal Twitter accounts (many of which were recently shared by comedian Patton Oswalt) that involved positive references to rape culture, as well as racial, religious and homophobic slurs.

There's no small irony that this scandal - based around the idea that certain things are irredeemable and that a person should be forever damned for past misdeeds - should erupt around a film franchise like Guardians of the Galaxy, which is based around a team of career criminals who seek redemption and become heroes. It's a lesson that bears consideration in Gunn's case, as Gunn had previously been taken to task over the exact same jokes by liberal groups six years earlier when Disney first hired him. Gunn formally apologized for everything he had said at that time and claimed to be a changed man - a claim that has been affirmed by both Bautista and many of the other people whom Gunn has worked with over the past six years. While it seems unlikely at this point that Disney will reconsider their position and reinstate Gunn as director of  Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Bautista's words have given fans everywhere much to think about, regardless of where one stands on the controversy.

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Source: Dave Bautista

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